Thursday, July 10, 2014


The timing is kind of surreal.  My daughter and SIL should have lost parental rights LAST Thursday, but the "matter" got continued because the jail couldn't find her to transport her to court…. Something about married name on court papers, maiden name on jail papers, added to a change in housing location…  We got up at 0h-Dark-Thirty and jumped thru endless hoops to arrive in court on time, only to wait, wait, wait, and finally be dismissed because they couldn't proceed without my daughter.  Thankfully, we were told that we would not have to come back this week when they try again.

Today, she and he are again in court, in shackles and orange jumpsuits, seeing each other for the first time in months, and signing papers as they finalize the loss of parental rights.  And across town, my husband, baby M and I await the adoption social worker's visit in a few minutes, for a final safety inspection and finalization of our adoption application.  The social worker is very sweet and is bringing her own 7 month old baby girl and will carry her on the walk thru, and it will be over and done after that.  Then we enter the waiting phase.  (about 60-90 days until preliminary signing at social worker's office, followed by swearing  and signing before His Honor, in a court room, at some magic point after that?  Not sure about all the details...)  The end is in sight.  M will have his permanent home, with us, and his absolutely smitten Aunt K.

Edited to add:  We passed.  And M had his very first play date with a beautiful girl who is about 14 days older than he is.  They chewed on toys together!  :)



  1. This is such a bittersweet post. You know my heart breaks for your girl. I know she is in so much pain. But I am so happy that beautiful baby boy has you and g-pa and adoring auntie in his life to give him stability and love and safety. God's ways are not ours ....that is for sure. But they are beautifully perfect even when its hard for us to recognize at first.

  2. So sweet to see M with his playmate. Glad that you passed. Such a good thing.

  3. He is getting so big so fast. What an absolute doll. I am so glad you passed and can put that behind you. I am sad for your daughter addiction takes so many precious things from our addicts.