Friday, June 10, 2011

Six months at home, and all is well.

Just checking in.... All is well here. My daughter is doing well. She and LeBoyfriend went to Modesto (48 hour travel pass granted by their parole officers) to see his 16 year old daughter. They're having a ball, away from work, relaxing, etc. She's due home tonight.

She seems to be doing okay. She appears to be sober. She is working. She isolates a lot, which makes DD1 and I sad. She talked all the time, like she always does, in prison/jail, about wanting to come home and just be with her family. She saturated herself with us the first month. She sat in the living room/dining room area, which is the central portion of the house, and painted for a month when she first got out. She painted, she listened to us, she smiled at us, she talked to us..... She soaked us up. Now, she's back to normal. She works and comes home, does whatever chores we ask once a week (usually!), and then makes food and goes to her room and watches TV and sleeps. (Partly, that is because her dad is a cranky guy and no one can interrupt his viewing of the daily news (times three shows at least) and his TV favorites or his 1950s netflix movies. Yuck.) She passed both classes she took at the local college, with B's! Sometimes she gets in my sewing room and makes a jeans skirt or a pair of shorts. Sometimes she gets creative in the kitchen and sets off the fire alarm. I'm savoring all of it! (Literally! The kung pao shrimp she made last weekend was to die for!)

She gets to work on time. Every single day. She pays her "contribution" to us, and she pays her bills. She lives for the weekends and the church services at the Crossing and her activities with LeBoyfriend. Sounds like a normal young adult, I guess! And I am grateful.

I'm busy with my work, and whatever spare time I can finagle gets used gardening and in my sewing room. Life is really good right now. I am enjoying it, tempered with the realization that addiction is a sneaky disease, and that one day at a time is the only way to live, for me.

I continue to pray for all our children. I wish us all a peaceful weekend!


  1. We are so blessed! Blessed, blessed, blessed. I'm so happy for her.

  2. Just a calm smile is spreading across my face for you.

  3. A "normal" life, is often more quiet and sedate than we imagined when we were surrounded by the drama of drugs! I am very happy for your daughter. It sounds like she is truly settling into her place in the world.

  4. I am happy for her too. I feel so blessed to have met DD2 and of course DD1 :) I understand the need to be alone, its something I do and so does Keven. I'm just glad we can celebrate how well she and LeBoy are doing :)

  5. That is just so great to hear. I pray my son finds the same peace soon. It is really nice to read that you are all doing so well. Part of me really hopes my son will come live with us again one day sans the drugs and drama.

  6. Normal feels so good! She looks beautiful and healthy. Prayers for her continued success.