Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seven weeks of hard work later....

Some good things to report!

I’ve been scarce and I apologize. I’ve been peeking at blogs now and then but for the most part, I’ve been busier than I would have believed possible.

DD2 is doing pretty well, all things considered. Really well, in fact.

1. She is sober.
2. She has been taking her medications.
3. She has been wallpapering the internet with her resume, and we’ve been out almost daily, for interviews, often dropping off additional resumes along the way.
4. She has seen parole, and the judge, when scheduled.
5. She is attending meetings at The Crossing Church.

It’s all finally paying off.

She went before the judge and this was the first and only time I’ve been to court with her. Her public defender failed to show up! The judge (along with everyone we encountered along the way, making the court date, getting paperwork, etc) had no clue why we were there.

When told that the Probation office wanted to violate her for an offense that the courts say they did not want her for….(long story)……the judge told her he had nothing to say to her. She begged him to give her something in writing, stating that Probation was telling her to turn herself in for arrest, if this was not “squashed.” The judge peered over his glasses at her. He listened while a side bar probation representative piped up and confirmed that the on-line records she had pulled up on her screen confirmed this, and then bellowed “Is Probation really going to try to tell me what to do in MY courtroom?!”

Everyone snickered. The Probation representative said she was calling DD2’s probation officer and telling her it was squashed.

DD2 walked out of the courtroom with everything settled. No violations, no jail time, no additional prison time. She had done the leg work and paper work in prison, and she was free to get on with her life. She reports only to Parole, who immediately put her on “informal”. They talk once a month. The end.

LeBoyfriend briefly was jailed and then his judge did the same. He’s out and working. Yes, WORKING!

LeBoyfriend’s brother did not fair as well. Four months more, in prison, for the same violation that my daughter’s judge refused to weigh in on.

Did my daughter get Justice? Not at all. Grace? You bet.

She has kept putting one foot in front of the other. The job search has been dismal. One company called her back for FOUR additional interviews and then sent her a rejection letter. Ugh.

She's settled in well here at home. The only real problem we are having is the smoking issue. I can deal with everything else that has come up. But when her dad starts in on the smoking, I literally get dizzy. She trots down the block several times a day to smoke. He is furious that friends are giving her cigarettes. I mentioned once that his mother smoked til she died (of some type of stomach cancer) at 77, and I'd be grateful to have DD2 that long..... Cigarette versus needle. Give me a break. There is just no comparison. He is irrational on the subject and I have left that up to the two of them. I am not coming between them, not negotiating, not trying to change anyone's mind. Not my battle.

She’s taking three classes at a local college this semester. Two online (a history and a sociology), and one on campus (a Microsoft Suite class I’m taking with her). We will conquer Excel, Outlook, Access and Word together – because my days in the transcription biz are dwindling, as proven by my disappearing income!

She’s applied for a grant and we should hear about that next week. Every little bit helps. If she gets the grant, she plans to pay her dad back for the classes/books and then try to get a cheap laptop, as the classes are online (history and sociology), or word processing (Microsoft Suite).

On recommendation of Parole, she decided to pursue SSI, and started the process (four months long) on Monday. If she gets a job, she can stop that process at any time, but she figured it would be better to get it started, than find out four months from now that she still was unemployed.

Today, she had another interview and we stopped at the library on the way home to pick up a few more books for her to read. When we got home, she had a message from one of the jobs she had applied for that she really wanted. The guy she had interviewed with said “he was really excited about talking with her again and to please call him as soon as possible.”

She went upstairs to make the call and moments later the screaming started. “I got it, I got it!”

It’s a customer service job, phones, dispatch, paperwork, small office, auto collision repair company, business casual dress code, 30 hours a week now, 40 hours a week soon, and she thinks there are benefits.

One and a half miles from our house.

We haven’t stopped dancing yet.

Prayers continue for all our beloved children and families!