Thursday, December 2, 2010

"T -2"

Two days and she’ll be home. Her room is ready. Clean sheets, vacuumed, dusted….

The room had become a junk closet of sorts, over the past couple of years. In the last month or so, the room has regurgitated all over the house, a lot of junk has been thrown away, the house contents have shifted and resettled with a contented sigh, and I swear, even her dog knows she’s coming home.

Every time her little Shiba Inu walks past her door, she looks in expectantly and then visibly deflates when she doesn’t find her there. Each time the front door opens, she perks up, runs for it and then sort of yawns when she sees it’s just us…. And goes back to her spot by the sofa to snooze. I don’t know how she knows that her owner is on the way home, but she does!

They’ve changed my daughter’s medications once again. This time I think we have a winner. I’m not sure of the exact cocktail, but the recent addition of Lamictal has made a startling improvement. And the best part of that improvement is that DD2 seems to be appreciative of the results. She isn’t feeling the highs and lows of her bipolar cycles as sharply as she usually does.

We still have our NAMI book/resources handy and remain cognizant that medication compliance is a huge concern. Only she can decide if it is important to her.

She will board a bus Saturday morning. She swiped plastic bags from the kitchen during her last few working days, to haul her Bibles and her recovery books home in. I hope that works, but if not, maybe she can buy a bag along the way with her “gate money”. I have no idea what’s available in a bus station, but it seems like a bag dispenser would be a good idea. She will ride all day. And at 7:40 pm (if they get her to the starting point on time!), she will be home.

We’ll all three be waiting with bear hugs. :)

After the weekend, she starts the hard work of rebuilding her life. Parole meetings, mental health meetings, job search, NA/AA meetings, church, and hopefully some fun along the way with her sister and her sober girlfriends, all of whom are anxious to have her back.

I cannot wait to hug her and hear her voice and feel the energy she brings to our household. I’m scared. Apparently, that’s 100% normal! I am so very grateful for this opportunity to make more memories with her and to enable her to seek her continued recovery, on the way to stepping out there on her own successfully.

We plan to sit down regularly to listen to her concerns and plans, and after Christmas, she/we will decide if she may be staying longer (whether she has gotten a job she can actually reach easily from this house is a huge factor in that, and she is considering enrolling for a class or two), or if she might be moving to a recovery home, etc.

We have zero expectations, much hope, and boundaries.

(and peanut butter, coffee and hazelnut creamer!) We’re ready!

Prayers continue for all our families and beloved children!


  1. I LOVE this uplifting post ! :)
    Blessings upon your family. I'm pulling for her and you.

  2. I am so very happy for your reunion with your daughter. I pray that she remain stable, focused, committed and healthy. God bless you all as you gather together and support one another.

  3. WOW! Can you believe its so close? I am excited for your family and for her. I think dogs are very receptive about their people...that will be a happy reunion.

    (Kev is on Lamictal now too and it seems to be helping him as well)

  4. I hope you have a good reunion and a great holiday with her.

  5. I am so excited for you and this reunion with your daughter. We never give up hope and maybe now is the time for all good things to become part of hers and yours good life. (I started to type "normal life" and then I remembered that "normal" is nothing more than a cycle on the washer! ha ha)

  6. I am praying for you and yours.

  7. Hope the homecoming is cherished.

  8. I am waiting for another post to see how it is going so far??? Obviously, I am not very patient. I pray that she will stay sober and that you all have a wonderful holiday with lots of hugs and happiness. Oh on my blog you said something about March in LA what do you mean?

  9. Hi, I've been following your blog and don't have an ID, sorry! But I wanted to make sure you know that Lamictal sometimes provides an allergic reaction that begins with a rash and it's an indicator that the person needs to get off it right away. Hope this doesn't happen, but do be on the lookout.

  10. Praying for you all and hoping things are going well :) So happy to login and find out she is home!
    God bless.

  11. p.s. I love the new blog look! You are so creative :)

  12. Yes, I would love to meet. Let me know when you all want to get together. That would be really nice.