Friday, October 15, 2010

Back home and settled....

I’m just checking in. I still read blogs daily, and comment here and there. My prayers continue! I am busy with my transcription business and work has actually picked up a little.

I had a long boring post planned.... I scrapped it for this one. Believe it or not, this one is not as long.... Not sure about the boring part!

The night before I was to leave for my trip to Big Sky Country, my dictation system began to fail. I had to call my parents and tell them that the first trip in two years to see them was going to be cancelled. After I hung up from that sad call, I sat in a stupor for a bit, and then started looking for “work arounds”.

Eventually, it dawned on me that the perfectly good voice files still being phoned in by the doctors could be copied over to a flash drive and emailed to me at Mom and Dad’s, and I could distribute them by email, to the ladies that work with me. (Normally they log onto a website and download the work whenever they want it.)

So for a week, my oldest daughter started and finished her day doing just that! She’d copy any dictated voice files and email them to me from a different computer. Then she’d bolt out the door to a day of full time work and night classes at her college and come home and repeat the process before going to bed.

It worked! I called Dad from the airport the next morning and told him I was boarding the original flight plan. I’m sure the airline personnel figured they had a real dingbat in seat 10A. I was grinning from ear to ear, and crying. (I absolutely totally hate to fly – I am terrified of it!)

Despite the rocky start, I had a wonderful week with my parents and all of my business issues were handled on time, without a hitch. I am going back to see my folks in March.

Since coming home, the dictation system has been replaced with a new one (ouch!$$$!). My “peeps” are back to receiving their work when they want it, without waiting for it to be emailed. I named the new system “Mr. Hurrah”. Mr. Hurrah’s first name is “Last.” It is my fervent hope that this is indeed the last dictation system I ever have to purchase. I want to be semi-retired long before this one wears out. Hope springs!

I’m trying to get a fair amount of stuff done before my daughter’s release in December. I want to be able to be of some assistance to her, in a healthy way, without being bogged down in Christmas deadlines, etc. It is a bad time of year for me, emotionally, for many reasons. Our holidays haven’t been merry and bright in years – in fact last Christmas was the saddest and most horrifically stressful I ever remember. (and she was in jail, for Pete’s sake, so one would think it would have been fairly calm!) It culminated in a Christmas Day that was just nightmarish. I had a sense of unreality all day, and there was a fight amongst family members that was of epic proportions. I just realized I can’t remember anything about last Christmas Day except that fight. That is sad.

Anyway, in an effort to take care of ME, I’m eliminating as many of pressures these days as possible. It’s just not worth it, and life is too short! Simple may prove to be way better, for us, year round! I hope we can focus on only the reason for the celebratory seasons or events in our lives, and focus on the love we share as a family. I’m trying to take the time to jot down a gratitude list every morning and that helps!

My project for the crisis centers that my parents work with is continuing – my friendship group (which now also includes my sister in SC and my dad, bless his heart!) has made about 20 quilts. The women and children who find themselves at the centers will hopefully be a little warmer (hearts and bodies!) as the cold weather approaches. I have found this very personally satisfying and who knows if I’ll ever have another opportunity to work on a project with my sister and my dad, that means so much to Dad and Mom, especially! I’m looking forward to some of my own projects after this – We are only two quilts away from finishing the crisis center project.

(my dad, ironing the last square of a "string" quilt that he and I made entirely from scraps, while I was there)

(here Dad puts the last square in line on the floor.... and then we sewed them all together!)

(We stood on the front porch in a brisk wind to get this picture of the finished quilt top. I'll quilt it with batting and backing next week. I think we did pretty well!!)

Life is good! I continue to read, study, seek, learn, and hope! We (DH, DD1 and I) have some major decisions to make as a family, and we’re taking our time, weighing things, getting input from the professionals and other parents, and at this point, using “Dad and Mom’s” ( method of backing up from conflicting opinions until we reach a point or boundary on which we can agree.

The decisions we come to may seem ‘spot on’ to some, and may seem all wrong to others. We have to decide what our family is comfortable doing at this time. We have to decide from what point we can present a united front. And we have to decide from what point we could potentially face each other over a coffin and say with confidence, “after everything was considered and weighed, we did the best we could do to be there for her in a healthy fashion, and we will see her again.”

Finding those points is very difficult for us, because we would do things very differently if it were just me handling the decisions, or just my husband. It’s funny how far apart we are in our thinking. We’ll get it all figured out in good time. Our oldest daughter is finishing up her last semester of paralegal studies and is looking forward to some Sister Time.

Right now, I haven’t anything really important or very helpful to offer in a post. Just FYI, I’m getting awfully tired of the requests from treatment centers to post their ad on my blog. My opinion of treatment centers in general isn’t that great, so this isn’t well received. Like some of you guys, I’m still waiting for the parents’ rehab center to open. I’d like healthy and fairly expensive food choices, meditation classes, massage therapy, yoga classes, group therapy, recreational therapy, and an enforced lights out each evening, etc. Paid for by wallets other than my own, thank you! Sigh.

Praying for peace in our hearts and recovery for our families….