Friday, June 4, 2010

For Barbara, Ten Random Things...

Ten random thoughts:

1. I survived another hike in the hills around my house. Go me. I mapped out a two mile route through the neighborhood and this is the second time I’ve done it at 6 AM. Through early morning mist, past about 500 houses with varying landscaping ideas presented to me as I huff and puff, and oddly, a few coyotes, a school bus, and a fire truck… I made it! The first time I did it, I swear, it was uphill all the way around. Had to have been. My legs were screaming! Today, I had the presence of mind to notice there were a few downhill portions and the “all uphill” thing was just a hallucination.

2. Coyotes are magnificent, sleek, scary, and cute. All at once.

3. I need to finish the billing for my clients today – another month has passed and if I don’t bill, they don’t pay, and we don’t eat. Funny how that all works.

4. If I focus on my typing and my billing, I have a good shot at being upstairs in my sewing room by 4 – and that means a possible five hours of sewing before I keel over at 9 PM like the old lady I am!

5. I have plans….. too many plans. Plans for quilts, plans for valences sewn for my windows, plans for patches of flower gardens planted outside my office window, plans for fairy houses amongst those flowers… plans for another area of planting outside my dining room window – to cover the fence that’s a mere six or eight feet away… and a fairy door on that fence, peeking out from the jasmine that I plan to cover the fence with…. Plans, plans, plans!

6. I need to bake some bread today.

7. I am trying to perfect my own veggie burger recipe too.

8. Despite #7, a steak sounds good right now. So does barbecued chicken. Chicken wins. Will thaw some for dinner!

9. I love my blogging community!

10. The weekend looms!! Yay! I have a dog sit to bring in some extra $$$ and perhaps some time for #5!!

Happy weekend all!!


  1. Whew girl, you do have some plans! I love your list, it shows you are living your life and enjoying it all. I love your blog and all your comments. Since I started blogging I have always looked to you as one of my top inspirations...just wanted you to know:) I want a piece of that baked bread!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful post! Good to know I'm not the only one with plans, plans, plans... I'm fortunate if I finish one every couple months!
    Yikes, the hike sounds hard! But sounds like the "quiet" might be nice... hey... is it safe with the coyotes?
    For those of us with no cooking skills - #7 - MorningStar Farms or Boca Burgers :)
    God bless!

  3. have a great weekend...I envy your ability to quilt and cook. I can't do either.

  4. I love your post! It seems that my life this past 5 weeks or so has revolved around my daughter and her addiction, death and helping others deal with things and put out fires. I've gotten myslf buried in there somewhere and really need to dig myself out and do some things for me!
    Thanks for the inspiration and hope you have a blessed day

  5. You go girl! I am impressed by that 6 am walk and baking bread. The last time I tried to bake bread we ended up using it as dog biscuits. It was just soooooo hard. Seems I killed the yeast by heating it in the microwave. I thought if warm is good then hot is better. (That is what my mom said was wrong.)

    It sounds like you have carved out a creative life with a lot of home and hearth comforts for yourself.

  6. You are simply awesome...that's all I have to say! :)

  7. Your writing and posts make me smile - and are so real. Truly, you are a gift to the blogging community. I wish you lived next door so you could teach me how to bake bread, and just mend some of my clothes, let alone sew valences and quilts. I am so inspired by your plans because they are a metaphor for . . . life! And YOUR life! And having a LIFE!, regardless of what your addict is doing or not doing. Keep writing, and posting because your words uplift me and keep me going. Also - if you're so inclined, please add me to your Blog list. I would be honored. Peggy

  8. We love to hike. I search for new places on Google. So we tried a new spot last week. I really loved it but I swear our Alaskan Malamute got about 40 ticks from that. We were pulling them off her all week. It was a bit of a narrow path. We were probably just too close to all the brush and trees.