Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another one for Barbara!

Recently I read Barbara's post about her new little sweetheart, Sugar, being a Chiweenie. I had never heard of Chiweenies and I googled to learn more about them.

We've always figured our little Tuff Boy was a mix of chihuahua and dachshund. I had no idea there was a bunch of them and that they were actually deliberately being bred.

(Tuff Boy and Kimi)

I looked at several sites with pictures that were dead ringers for our Tuff Boy (a.k.a. Jerry)!! Even the coloring and the stance is identical.

And so is the jumping!

Here's Tuff Boy and his "wife" Kimi, trying to convince me that they are all done chasing each other around and are ready to come in. (They are inseparable. When one is taken on a walk, the other cries until they're together again!)

Disclaimer: Yes, Kimi needs to go on a diet. Yes, my windows need to be cleaned. Yes, I was trying not to laugh at points in this (which resulted in very rough filming). Yes, my backyard is a disaster.... but it's the puppy's playground. So be it! :) And yes, this is my first time trying to post a video in Blogger, so we'll see if it works.


Anyway, I've been busy trying to frantically make some decisions on kitchen appliances and YAY! After several years of opening my microwave with a self-made duct tape handle, we're fixing the place up a bit. It's time! We've really managed to kill this kitchen in 17 years! Plus, I'm looking forward to replacing the 4 inch white tile countertops with a smooth, more sanitary surface. There isn't a grout cleaner out there that really does the job. You can imagine how I know this.

Sorry to be posting so irregularly. I had a thought as I cleaned up my kitchen tonight - reminded me of making a pie, and that reminded me of a particular therapy session where I learned something important. More about that later this week!

Love, prayers and hugs!


  1. I had never known about Chiweenies either! Both Tuff Boy and Kimmi are adorable. I'm really getting into the small dog thing!

    Can't wait to hear what your kitchen cleaning pie making revelation is!

  2. A kitchen make over is a great thing. Enjoy the process of doing it.