Monday, May 3, 2010

Crazy Days

Yesterday, I was loving my fuzzy socks and sweatpants… today, I’m thankful this is just a brief warm spell and my favorite SoCal weather (75 or less!) is coming back for a bit longer! I won't pack away the fuzzy socks just yet!

The above pix were found on the internet.... my state, She knows how to do The Pretty Springtime!

Yesterday, I was ignorantly thinking that my daughter was lingering nearby enjoying the hospitality of the Riverside county jail. You see, due to my old age, **cough**
advanced state of decomposition inability to correctly decipher the somewhat confusing web site for the jail, I misinterpreted “currently housed at” to mean just that…. It said she was at Riverside. Only right under that, it said “release date 04-27-10”. Which made no sense at all to me.

Until her property box was delivered by UPS. I opened it up and that was a mistake.

Immediately her scent drifted to me – the familiar mix of faint cigarette smoke and Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works…. First I stuck my nose in it and breathed deep (and cried) and then I had to just duct tape it shut and put it in the garage. I’ll get it out when I’m feeling a tad stronger.

Anyway, once it dawned on me today, what had happened, I began trying to get an answer at the inmate locator line. What a joke. I have unlimited free long distance on our home line. (the free bit is a bit of a misnomer – we pay a small fee for that, but can talk til we’re blue in the face, nationwide, as a result). I put the phone on speaker each time it put me on hold, and waited for an HOUR each time I tried. I worked all day and never got through. I even took advantage of their handy-dandy fax inquiry line, and faxed a request for her info in, at about 10AM. My fax machine has been silent since then.

At this rate, she could be done (early December), bussed home and ringing my doorbell before I can get her CDC# and send her the first postcard.

I know, Ma, you’ve told me 4,592 times, “don’t exaggerate!”

What. Ever.

Executive decision: I’m going to spend less time trying to figure out what her life is like up there, too. Note to self: Stay off of Tales of no mail out for months at a time, 2 rolls of TP a week, minimal women’s sanitary supplies, and lockdowns as a result of 30 women fighting over a $3.00 bottle of lotion…. Shudder! All because I wanted to know if there was an economical way to get phone calls…. I found out about EVERYTHING except how to economically get phone calls from the two Chowchilla facilities.

I’m focused on getting the invoicing done for my biz – if the docs don’t pay me, I can’t go grocery shopping! And they won’t pay, unless I ask! Once I get that done, my reward is going upstairs and just patting the fabric that I will have time to play with tomorrow! Yay for a new project in the works!

And last but not least…..The mailman brought good news. I got the standard “Congrats – your boobies are fine” from the Imaging Center. After all the fuss, I will ask my doctor to fax me a copy of the transcribed report, to make absolutely sure a comparison to the 2007 films is actually mentioned. After all the hoops we jumped through to get the old images and deliver them ourselves, still, it would not surprise me if the final comparison was overlooked in the hurry of some tired, hungry, stressed-out radiology resident, reading films at 2 AM while gobbling down cold pizza…. I know this is how it goes, because I get the reports to transcribe from my own radiology clients and that’s when a heck of a lot of them are dictated! Yawn! Scary! (Yeah, they don’t sound so good dictated through mouthfuls of that pizza, either!)

Praying for all of us to have a restful evening and lighter hearts!


  1. I appreciate your blog so much. The way you talk/write is understandable to me and really communicates your experience, strength and hope. Thank you for that. I too am better off not knowing what prison life is like for my son...I'm looking for a lighter heart too. Thanks for your writing.

  2. I like what Cindy said in her comment. Ditto, I love your style of writing because its like sitting down and talking. Congrats on your booby report, that's always a nice relief to get that news. I hope you hear from her soon.

    Oh - and yes, I love the same type of weather as you. Have my fan on and am still hot at 8 pm. Ick!

  3. It is quite like sitting across from you at a kitchen table chatting over a cup of coffee. You just put it out there as it is, no fluff, no trying to rewrite or rethink what you write. I so appreciate that about your blog. Yes, that Prisontalk site is filled with so much crap best to stay away from that. I am sorry you are having to go through this, it breaks my heart for you. I grew up most of my life with one of my brothers in and out of prison, and it never got easier for me to know they were going, etc. My brother who has been doing so well and staying with us has shed some much needed light on his prison experiences with me and my hubby recently. Surprisingly, he often thinks back on people he met, the visits they would have. His early morning walks and cleaning up around to keep busy. His novel readings and food eating contests (he was the champ and proud of it--13 trays and they bet on that). Just tells us some of the lighter stuff and always tells us not to think of heavy stuff because most of the time it is not as bad as it is made out to be. Let's face it, it isn't the Motel 6, but I think she will get through it and hopefully learn a thing or two about herself. I will be praying for you to get word from her or to hear how you can get word to her. Prayers and love your way.

  4. I also was thinking as I read your post, that I love your dry sense of humor that comes through in your writing! Also happy that your test results came back negative!!

  5. Glad you got a good report about your "girls." :o) I think the prison communication system is one of the most dysfunctional systems around. Grrr. Keep are loved!

  6. I loved those pictures... years ago we were planning a trip to Amsterdam, which is just across the water from here (London)... apparently if you take the train to Rotterdam in spring you ride right through about 100miles of bulb fields, which is supposed to be amazing...

    ps that was a beautifully written post ;->...

  7. Well, I feel like I am dropping in on a group of long-time friends having coffee together. Excuse my intrusion, but you all sound so nice and I just want to sit awhile...
    I am happy to have found a few blogs written by women who are dealing with similar grief that I am. The circumstances are a bit different. My daughter is mentally ill. We have thrown money, time, and most recently all our hope at solving the problem but have come up empty-handed. For the time being, she is not treatable. And, amazingly, I have stepped away from the prime care-taking role. So, I feel a hole where my daughter should be but isn't. I read these blogs and wonder what would happen to an unstable woman like my daughter in jail. She kicked the doors out of a cop car last summer with her stilettos... Doesn't like to be confined...
    Anyway, I will keep reading blogs like your because they show me that people get on with their lives. I need to learn this.
    xx kris

  8. So glad for your good news - you deserve some! It is stressful waiting for test results.
    If you have an ODAT, read page 124. I don't have it up here with me, but I believe this is the page that tells you to "do what you would normally do". I thought of this b/c due to the lack of updating on their website, you had some extra days of feeling she was close by.
    Glad to hear you got to "pat" your material... I love books... whenever I get a bunch of NEW ones (vs. the used bookstore ones I normally get) part of the excitement is organizing them and looking at the pristine unfrayed covers!
    Love & hugs.
    God bless.

  9. I'm really glad to hear that your test results came back negative. I'm a nurse and seeing people stressed out waiting for test results is not fun.
    Praying that you can find some peace in this situation.
    And thank you for your comment on my blog the other day. You really touched my heart.
    Sending lots of hugs,

  10. Note to self..."Stay away from"

  11. Hey, Big Sad...I sincerely hope your sad has turned to serenity (somewhat?) in the knowledge that some things we just have to let happen. Slogan: "Let Go and Let God"...and I wish I could DO that more--grin!

    However it helps me to just keep busy doing what I believe to be the right thing next. OK? And I wish you peace in your trials...which are NOT your fault, BTW!

  12. I have an award for you at my blog!

  13. I think that the sense of smell is the most powerful. It pulls me right back to the person or place, remembrance of things past. Take care of yourself.