Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Boobie update! I called my primary care physician, and she said they have not received anything from imaging center. She called the imaging center who said they have not received my 2007 one for comparison. I called the previous imaging center who stated they had not received any such request for the old films. Sigh. However, they had not only 2007 but also 2006 and would make a CD copy of both for me. No charge. That’s good of them!

DH has offered to make the hour-long jaunt and will pick up the CD this afternoon with a permission letter from me in his hand (per their directions). Either he, or I will hand deliver the CD (after making a copy!) to the new imaging center and hopefully from there, I will have some comparison results within a week.

Good grief and gravy! Isn't it a pain how proactive a patient must be these days??!!

Youngest Daughter update: Also checked the Riverside jail site and DD2 lingers there still. She expected to have “gone up” last night, but her name is still on the website which is updated every 30 minutes, so she’s still here. That is comforting to me…. I have no problems with her being in jail. She’s housed, fed, safe, and likely not using. She likely will be transferred to prison next Tuesday night.

Prison doesn’t comfort me so much. I am okay most of the time, but there are the occasional “crash and take-me-down moments” where I can NOT believe that my beloved daughter is on her way to a state prison. So be it.

Me update! I’m going to stay exceptionally busy in the sewing room and with taking care of myself for the period of time that she cannot call home, or have access to commissary to purchase postage, etc. I call it the Dark Side (like the dark side of the moon where astronauts can’t contact those on earth). When she’s on the Dark Side (and even afterwards, I’m going for new permanent habits here!), I’m going to really be focusing on my projects and work on remaining positive and productive. No slinking off to nap for extended periods of time, no binge eating.

Instead, these days, I’m slinking off to walk and rigorously following my eating plan, taking my vitamins, etc. My favorite place to walk is a huge reservoir that has a paved trail around it. The weather has been perfect for me and Sir Elton John to hoof it around the 1.7 miles of meandering sidewalk, at a fairly rapid clip! It’s good for me and good for whichever puppy comes with me! I’m working my way back up to going two times around the reservoir, without appearing to be having a Coronary Event afterwards….what with all the panting and red face, etc.

Family update: I’m planning a family dinner soon, which will include my “son”, the young man who lived with us for the two years after he got out of state prison. He’s doing SO WELL. He had a great job utilizing his computer geek skills but was laid off last month. No problem; he’s actively pounding pavement and working on side jobs and plowing ahead. His significant other is my DD1’s best friend (they are so close they say they share a brain) and she is a beautiful, sweet young woman that I adore. So I’ll have almost all my kids with us for a special dinner and make a few memories! Trinidadian curried chicken is on the menu (compliments of Pioneer Woman!), and without the curry from Trinidad - we'll have to settle for something a bit more local!

Anyway, that’s my update. Enough babbling! I’m off to check on you guys!


  1. Boy, sounds like you are busy! I walk just about every day on a 1.8 mile walk way located on a river island. I love it! I have not made it around twice. I will give it a try soon. Glad you are doing ok! Hugs,Helga

  2. I hope that your imagery shows no problems. It sounds like your special dinner will be a treat. Enjoy it and enjoy the walks on these nice spring days.

  3. I think it will all be fine. They would have given the whole thing more attention if it looked bad.

    Have a great time at your dinner. It sounds good. Who is Pioneer Woman? I like to read about actual pioneers. Their lives make mine look easy!

  4. Thanks for the updates and hope that everything checks out O.K. with your medical scan! God Bless!

  5. Best of luck on your scan! I'm sure everything will be fine! I love the pioneer woman and have made several of her recipes!! I smiled when I read that part in your post! Enjoy your walks!!

  6. I love your babbles! You are SO RIGHT about how pro-active a patient has to be. When I first lost my job last year I think I worked "full time" managing my mom and aunt's healthcare issues for the first two months@

    Sounds like things are going good. DD2 is safe and she will be in prison too.

    Please be careful about walking around the reservoir....I am glad you have your dogs with you. I have this thing about women walking alone even though we SHOULD be able to safely, unfortunately we need to be constantly on guard.

  7. I have been walking too and not going on eating binges. It feels good when we take care of ourselves in spite of what is happening with those around us that we can't control. I will be praying for good results and an awesome dinner with your family. Of course I will also continue to keep DD2 in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

  8. I had to laugh at your family sounds like my house. 5 kids of my own (the eldest being an addict and not currently living at home), 2 stepchildren who are here every two weeks and then there are children #8, #9, #10 and #11...Kids that have either practically or actually lived with us at one time or another in the past ten years.