Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still a bit cranky.....

I'm buried in work, and hope to visit blogs soon.... tomorrow at latest! Today was one of those days where the urge to "hurry along the 'til death do us part' part" surfaced.

I am unhappy enough about my daughter.

She's been transferred 75 miles away. What's up with that?! I can't visit under those circumstances. It was a three hour ordeal when she was just 24 miles away.

She's got new charges (two - felonies) she didn't bother to tell me the truth about at first. If convicted, or even if she pleads out on one of them, she's looking at state time, almost assuredly.

And someone who is supposed to be my best friend, and who happens to be her dad.....

Well, he made the mistake this morning of stating she's dumber than concrete.

A comment, my older daughter noted, he will not tolerate us saying about our little white chihuahua who really "isn't all there" and frequently manages to forget where she's going when we attempt to let her outside to go potty.... as DD1 said, "this isn't a trick, the door is right where it was yesterday, and the other dogs are leading the way!".....

As the little pup circles the dining room table a few more times, aimlessly. :)

I'm going to have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that my daughter is going to prison, and that my daughter was (again) stealing from other people to support her drug habit. Disparaging and hurtful comments about her intelligence are just not necessary.

I did not poison his drinks for his work cooler for tomorrow. I resisted the urge to go a tad close to the jugular when giving him a haircut this afternoon. All that would do is put me in a cell with my daughter. Aaack!

I miss her, yeah, but I don't want to room with her!

DD1 headed out the door to go house sit for some friends for a week, and was totally glad to go. I swear, she may turn around and find me over there too!

Back to work for me. Rant over!! Will check in with you wonderful peoples tomorrow! Here's a beautiful thought for today:

"There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less." Kurt Hahn


  1. He is probably venting his frustration as well. Hope that tomorrow is a better day.

  2. My hubbie used to say things like that also. I think as Syd said, it's their way of venting (although it is immature)! I admire how you are handling this...and you and she are in my prayers!

  3. I understand that it is hard having her far away. Bryan is far away as well (9 hour drive) ... and although it is all for good at this moment, I find my heart aches a little, as I wish I could call him up and say "Can I come take you to lunch on your break?" or "Can we go out to dinner tomorrow?"

    Your husband's comment is nothing; but look at it this way, it gives you something to rant over and get the overall angst out...letting your spirit rest and relax. That's a good thing! (No sharp objects next to his jugular, please...we'd miss you! LOL)

    Hang in there. I continue to keep you and your daughter in my prayers.

  4. I agree, he is just acting out his frustration and sadness/anger, which in turn, brought yours to the surface so you could vent. What a cycle it all ends up being. I am praying for you and DD2 and will pray that the Lord will guide her legal counsel. Keep taking care of you.

  5. He must be hurting so much too. Has your husband sought any kind of therapy to deal with this stuff?

  6. I liked this rant. Its so good to just GET IT OUT! And its free :)

    I agree with the others that said your husband just kind of blurted that out in frustration, but it doesn't make it any less painful to hear. You've had a rough day!

    I don't understand why they had to move DD2 so far away! Do you know when her court date is? Maybe this will be the turning point. I'd be scared to death if I was her, but perhaps that's what she needs?

    Hope the rest of your weekend goes better and you get to enjoy some time doing what you want to do.

  7. I agree with above, DH is dealing with it however he can as well. I'm sorry she's going to be so far away. I just pray God had a grand plan here!
    Glad you didn't do any permanent damage with the scissors!
    Keeping your family in my prayers!

  8. it may in fact be a blessing that she is so far away. it will give you the time...and the time to detach.

    so don't visit her. embrace the sadness and accept that she is living out the consequences of HER ACTIONS. it may just save her life.

    let her be alone and in prison.

    remember that sappy country and western song? Some of God's greatest gifts, are UNANSWERED PRAYERS.

    Oh and it's not just a husband thing. I refer to my daughter as "Swiss Cheese Brain".


    OH..and it's not just a guy thing. I refer to my daughter as SWISS CHE

  9. The ending quote is something I am copying and leaving in the house for my sons to read...

    Hang in there.

  10. Yep, we men rant like that. And I can't help but wonder what my parents say when they're dealing with the worst of my addict mistakes, at least when I'm not around...

    As for the chihuahua, we have two, and we call them "dumb and dumber", because it really is amazing sometimes. I think it's part of what makes them so absolutely irresistible though - that brazen confidence in the face of such astounding dumbness :)

    Wishing you the best as you get through the sad and mad-