Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Make that "Mad, Sad and Glad"

Only you guys will understand my "glad" at this moment. When I was editing the new post below this one, I got a call from a jail in a city just outside our county.

They got her. No new charges, apparently. They just got her because of the warrant which finally went into effect and for whatever reason, she came into contact with an officer who ran her name. I didn't speak with her; I was called by an officer at the intake desk.

I had just spoken to her by phone this afternoon and while she would not tell me where she was, she gave me the strong impression they were tired of the game, and going to turn themselves in Friday after LeBoyfriend had a chance to briefly see his daughter who would be visiting at his mother's home at that time.

And so, she gets another opportunity to do some serious thinking. And she is safe, and she is/will be sober for a while. Hope continues to float!

And while she's "thinking".....

I'm grateful!


  1. That's great news! Praying they keep her for a while, so she can think and get clean!

  2. I think you said it perfectly in your last post, "I think there has to be a time and a place to permit these feelings out of their box, let them hit me full blast, grieve, and then put them back into the box, and go on with my life."

    I think we also need to change our expectations for our children, actually not to have any, and to savor any moment that we have to talk with or be with them, as they are!

    Never give up hope! Thank god she's safe!

  3. This is good news indeed under the circumstances. Yes, we understand! Hopefully she will use her "thinking time" wisely. I'm keeping you and your daughter in my prayers.

  4. Oh I am so happy for this news. I so understand what emotions you have and the relief you must feel right now. My son is supposed to go to rehab, but I am pretty sure he is only going to run from a probation violation and some other drug related issues, but hey I will take it! One never knows what will be it for our kids, let's hope this is it for DD2. (((HUGS)))

  5. I know the feeling too. I am glad she's there. I am hoping and praying for her. All I've done the last hour is cry while reading blogs and a letter from Anthony. Good tears, scared tears, sad tears. Hopeful tears for your girl!!!

  6. Isn't is strange how we rejoice when our kids are in jail, or rehab? It's the not knowing that is so hard on us. So, so sorry, and yet I am understand your relief. I pray she finally gets it...and makes changes in her life. Drugs kidnap our kids and replaces them with beings we no longer know or understand.


  7. Just dropping by to let you know that we are praying. I don't get by as often as I should, but you are all in our prayers.


  8. I'm glad she is safe and has shelter. I have her in my God box..."Her Big Sad's daughter" it says on the page. :o) He knows the details.

  9. Now you can rest easy for awhile. Take care,

  10. Great news. I too am glad that you are getting a much needed break from the drama. Time to take care of you!

  11. I can't help but to feel weird when I say, that's great! I've realized with dealing with addiction, so much is the opposite of what we would normally want and do. But if we do what is counter-intuitive, take care of ourselves, and stay the course, it ultimately is in their best interest. I am so glad you are grateful :) I just read your prior post too. Your pondering about Al-Anon and where you ended, I think you've got it, yet you're realistic.
    If DH doesn't mind, will you update us on what's going on with his esophageal ulcers - if he has a medication etc or something to help.
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers. I'll pray for a "profound experience" (as Dad coined it) for DD2.
    God bless. Sending love & ((hugs))
    p.s. thanks for sharing more quilt photos :)

  12. I am learning so much from reading blogs within our 'group'.
    Despite thinking I knew more than I needed to about addiction I have come to realise that the issues are more complex, the brains far more addled and the outcomes more unexpected.
    My sister Hannah has been thrown out of rehab. She is out there somewhere and I am trying not to think of her winding up in jail or worse - I felt I could breathe while she was at rehab.
    Thank goodness DD2 is safe for another day - that must feel good.

  13. I never slept so well as when J was locked up in rehab. I understand your hope and relief perfectly.

  14. I am so relieved for you!!! I hope you can find some extra serene moments of happiness while you have this time with her safe. I will be thinking of her too, knowing how hard withdrawals in jail can be. Big huge relieved (((hugs)))