Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's quiet

No changes. Also, no phone calls, no contact whatsoever other than a brief IM a few days ago. (I hate not having contact…. I can stand the wait, if I can just occasionally call and have a simple conversation and say “I love you.” The silence? It is deafening. I'm filling it with good music.)

I have sufficient work to pay my bills.
I have the health to do the work.
Regarding DD2, there has been no bad news!
Asparagas is in season – yum!
Daylight Savings Time means my sewing room is bright longer into the evenings, so I can see/sew longer!
Daylight Savings Time also means no excuse for not walking after dinner or before work each day. I’m working on that one!



  1. No news is good news but it sure is nice to hear "hello".

    Mmmmm I love asparagus!

  2. Yes, the quiet is a blessing, but I know the feeling of just wanting to have a bit of contact. I am in the same space. Yippee for daylight savings!!!

  3. I have been waiting for two years for a word from my daughter. I have not given up, but it sure is tough on certain days... I miss my girl and I love asparagus too!

  4. Thank you for your lovely thoughts and words on my blog.
    I love asparagus when someone who knows how to prepare it, cooks it for me.

  5. Wow - that you found a way to put Daylight Savings Time on your gratitude list! It only appears on mine in the fall - when we "fall back"!
    Music does help to get our mind off things - as long as we are selective to our mood - or the mood we are aiming for - it can take us away.
    I loved your last post with your beautiful quilt and the pictures (and commentary) on the Little People. It was encouraging to hear how you handled everything last week, then the information on the Little People made me smile, and I love seeing your beautiful work. Now how you could let the Little People play on your great work is another question! :) lol Though I'm sure the answer is love...
    God bless.

  6. Joy, I pray she is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Love, Lou