Monday, February 1, 2010

No News = Good News!

I'm a lousy blogger these days. I've been buried at work (thi$ i$ a good thing!) and I'm really tired when I get it done.

DD2 is supposedly getting released any minute. They started telling her this last week. She's still there, but likely will not be there much longer. The new law about half-time kicked in. They have not just been releasing inmates at midnight in the usual fashion; they are releasing so many that they are doing it at all hours of the day and night.

Her dad still wishes to bring her here for two weeks. Not my idea, but having expressed my reservations/objections and the rationale behind them, I will not stand in his way. She will see a united front. She has two weeks here, to either get into a program (county bed) or to go back to her job (employer said he will rehire) and save a check's worth of funds to begin independently living in sober home, two weeks after release.

That's the plan, man. So be it. I'm going to try to catch up on some other folks and get some rest. We're almost dry here in SoCal.... although more rain is on the way. If I had the energy, I'd be planting more lettuce and spinach... Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Her Big Sad,

    Glad to hear you are almost dry out there. The weather has certainly been soggy everywhere this year!

    I was reading the post on DD2's boyfriend from a couple weeks ago, how did things turn out? Does he get to go to a program?

    Praying for you all in the release of your DD2!

    Love and prayers,

  2. I am thinking about you and wishing you the best.

  3. We used to be able to count on some peace and quiet while the county took care of them. Looks like those days are over..*sigh*

    Good luck, sweet Joy.

  4. You sound good, strong and positive. I like your plan and there is no room for misunderstanding in that plan. It is raining again here in N.Cal.,hopefully it won't be headed south! Keep making the $$ and planting the spinach:)

  5. I think you are wise to show a united front when DD2 comes home, and also that you have a plan.
    I hope the transitions go smoothly for you.
    Also nice to hear a good "work's going well" :)
    God bless!

  6. It's wonderful that you and your husband are communicating and staying united. I did an H&I panel at the Salvation Army in Anaheim on Sat night. Talk about contempt prior to investigation! It's almost a mansion, and clean and the girls are happy...have a pool, spa, big screen TV!
    It's a 6 month free program and they have beds right now. They have to work in the warehouse, but the girls we talked to really liked the work. I took the number if you're interested. I was REALLY impressed with their program.

  7. The very best part of your whole post is the united front you and hubby will present. With our dear daughter, we were not united and it ripped us apart. Blessings to you all!

  8. MMmm homegrown veggies!

    Sounds like things are going good. The two weeks sounds very fair and hopefully she will be grateful and do what she needs to do. You sound good! Glad you wrote to get us caught up.

  9. I totally understand the blog break. Life takes presidence!