Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm Late to Lou's Happy Picture Party

Here's a few pictures that make me smile! Well, not a few. A lot. This is a LONG and picture-heavy post and I hope it gives you ALL a smile or two, this weekend!!

DH & friends

DH, reading one of his 4,592 newspapers/political magazines, and relaxing with his two biggest rescued dogs, Max (the Wuss) on the left and Tiger (95% pitbull) on the right.

Max was not wanted by his previous owners and evidently deliberately released with no identification. I say that, because he was found by DH, in a big intersection. We put up signs etc... and he escaped from our yard once, only to be found by my oldest daughter coming home from work.... She called and said "Mom, can you open the back gate and put away the other dogs?" *Sigh.*

The owners contacted us, came to pick him up and then mentioned they were going to take him to the pound! They were an odd pair. DH and I said if that was the only option, we'd take him and try to find him a home. DH was going through his mother's death from cancer at the time and bonded with Max and kept saying "but we found him twice, it's meant to be!" He really wanted to keep him. I didn't have the heart to say "no" at such an emotionally bad time for DH..... *Sigh.*

I am terrified of big dogs.... What was I thinking?! (and the group said, "clearly, you were not!")

Max is huge, loud and afraid of small things that beep. When he hears a beep, he has been known to jump out of second story windows to get away from it. Luckily, both times he did that, he was not injured. All sliding windows upstairs now have dowels in them and unless the dowels are removed, can only open 4 inches. Max is very old now and he and I coexist quite peacefully.

Tiger (named for her beautiful brindle color) was found by DD2 on her way to work 10 years ago... right before the addiction madness began. DD2 stopped her car and this dog jumped right in! Despite great efforts, her owners were never found. I call her my studio cat because she likes to lie on my left foot upstairs when I am sewing.

Tiger testing some quilt "string blocks" for softness!

And then she switches sides to give me her woebegone "where-is-your-oldest-daughter" look.

She "rooms" with my oldest (DD1) and is fairly inconsolable when DD1 is away at class, work, etc. She is a love. However, she does not love Sadie, and that is when the "pitbull" surfaces. Therefore, these two ladies are kept apart with well-timed room changes. We call it the Changing of the Guard.


This is DD2's dog, Sadie. She was given Sadie by a friend who raise Shiba Inus and gives them to people in recovery. She brought her home from an NA meeting five (?, I think) years ago, a ten week old bundle of energy and fur and cuteness, and she's lived with us ever since. When DD2 is living at home, she and Sadie are inseparable.


Jerry, a.k.a. TuffBoy

The "Little People". That's our nickname for Jerry (a.k.a. Tuffboy) and Kimi (a.k.a. Kimiko, a.k.a. Gucci). DH found Jerry on the side of a four lane divided road in a desert area, creeping along terrified at sundown, no collar, no one in sight. (If I could keep my DH off the road, I might be able to better control the Dog Population around here!)

DH called me to tell me to "put away the other dogs and bring out some food and water to the front porch" on his way home. We already had four dogs and I turned the air blue trying to convince him to take this dog to the pound on the way home. I had a feeling I was getting nowhere, and asked in desparation, how BIG is it? DH mentioned the dog took up the whole back seat.

I went nuclear, and hung up, but got out the food and water (huge bowls) and was grudgingly glad this poor dog was not in the middle of the highway getting killed. I stood on the front porch with enough food/water to feed Max, the 100 pound Wuss.... and DH pulled up and got out and started walking up the drive. I thought he forgot the dog.

Until he pulled all 7 pounds of him out of the front of his jacket. I looked at DH admiringly and said, "You're getting sneaky in your old age!" The little dog crawled into my arms (heart!) and hasn't left. He was underweight, hungry, dirty, and scared. He has a long neck and was so underweight I called him Jerry the Giraffe once, and the name Jerry stuck. We call him TuffBoy because he's so obviously NOT.

Kimi is a chihuahua that was born across the street. A neighbor was going to take the litter to the pound, and we took one look at her (the runt) and said "Jerry needs a wife!" The neighbor had briefly called her "Gucci" but my oldest (speaks Japanese fairly fluently) named her Kimiko (meaning "ancient history child"). The Little People were introduced one evening, and put into Jerry's sleeping crate for the night with a metal divider.... They slept pressed up against the divider trying to get as close to each other as possible. The divider was removed after that, and this is how they sleep now.

Sigh. Cuteness!

Kimi likes to bury herself under towels and then Jerry glues himself to her. Remember how "cute" they are....

Yep, still cute, facing off out in the yard. This is the instant before their daily mad dash which will last ten minutes and result in us laughing hysterically and the dogs getting tired enough to sleep for hours.

The aforementioned Mad Dash, racing around with "Auntie" Sadie in the yard. Click to embiggen pic - this is one of my favorite shots.

Trying to "help" DH get through his 4,592 papers. Maybe not so cute...

Helping with the gardening efforts...

Under house arrest....

For destroying my baby lettuce!

But my biggest smiles come from my girls, DD1 and DD2! Pix of them have been deleted now.... i'm still trying to keep the blog a bit anonymous.
I love my family!

I am praying that all of us in Bloggerland have a peaceful, restful weekend!


  1. Just checked out your all the pictures. Love the logical, optimistic, cautious words, too. I’m going to put that quote on MY fridge, too!

    I love you bunches – have fun this weekend!


  2. Beautiful photos of your family and fur babies.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I just love seeing pictures of families on blogs! Your family is beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  4. Guess what! I love your family too!!!! I love your husband's heart for dogs! I can't believe you have FIVE of them! Each one is so special. And you're girls are beautiful - just like their mom! This post made me feel so good inside. Thanks for sharing this today, I am going to pass it on to a friend who is a huge dog lover too :)

    (my dream is to have enough room to rescue a ton of dogs!)

  5. You have a kind hearted family and some really lucky pets. I love Kimi and her pink collar.

  6. You made me happy today with your "JOY" and your special, beautiful family.

  7. It was a happy picture party on your blog! I was enthralled. We have three beagles and two cats. I thought they were enough until I read this post.

  8. What great photos and a great story. I am so glad that you rescued these dogs. They will repay with so much love and kindness.