Thursday, January 21, 2010

Treading water...

Here in SoCal, it's pretty soggy. I'm alternately:

1. trying to persuade DH's five rescues (dogs, 9 pounds up to about 80 pounds in size) to go outside despite the fact that they might float away, and
2. watching the branch of the Santa Ana River that has appeared in my garage, running from the back of it, out the front of it... at a fairly rapid clip.

Everything else kind of remains the same. Last I heard, there was a rumor that due to budget cuts, sentences might go to half time instead of 2/3 time.... thereby releasing DD1 a bit sooner. Time will tell.

Just checking in....

(Barbara? Tall K? Mom of Opiate Addict? Chai Latte? LisaC? Stay dry and safe!)


  1. We are getting it pretty bad up in the far northern end of California also. Worse storm I have seen in quite a while, and boy, what about those winds! Hope you stay safe and that river quits running through your garage:(

  2. I tried to stay dry today but got soaked running a few errands with an umbrella. We have a pan sitting on the living room couch that is collecting one drop of water at a time from a leak. Also have a big leak that is soaking all our boxes stored in the rafters of the garage (not good for the cardboard boxes!)

    FIVE DOGS! I want to hear more about them sometime.

  3. Across the country in Eastern Florida I've got the same problem with my two (12 pound) dogs... it's POURING here, they both SHOULD need to go out, but one is hiding under a bed and one is hiding under my computer table!
    Hope the river takes a detour OUT of your garage!
    God bless!

  4. ENOUGH already! I can hear hail hitting the window tonight. My backyard would make a lovely mud wrestling arena. How do people get through months of bad weather with dogs?

    Did you see the tornado on Tuesday? I was at a clients in Santa Ana, but it must have been close to here as there were branches from the trees all over the streets and sidewalks. What a mess, eh?

    When I think of complaining of the wet, I get reminded of how grateful I am it wasn't a big earthquake. Grateful to be warm and dry inside tonite! Be careful and stay off the freeways if you can. CHP was leading groups of cars up the 133 yesterday as it was so filled with water.

  5. Just reading your post now--yes, things pretty soggy here on the central coast too! It's not raining as I type, and they are saying today will be a break before it starts up again.

    Regarding budget cuts and sentencing, I hadn't heard that. But, my son was picked up a few weeks ago for running a yellow light (driving gf's car)and they hauled him in as he had a warrant for missing a court date while he was in rehab. He had 4 misdemeanors. They kept him in jail for 6 days, he attended court on that 6th day- they sentenced him for 11 more days and then 3 years probation. 3 days later he was released with no explanation. He said the jail was jam packed...

  6. Stay safe. We have had rain here too and are officially out of the drought.