Thursday, December 17, 2009

That was fast....

“The sword of justice is swift and sharp….”

That’s a phrase that came to mind just now as I hung up from the collect call from my daughter.

Yep. They got both of them, at Boyfriend’s place.

Both probation officers, hers and his (who are friends and well acquainted with each of the cases) apparently showed up and arrested my daughter and her boyfriend for two violations: being together and under the influence. (She had lost the right to be with her boyfriend when they tested dirty at Thanksgiving, and they were back to only being able to see each other at meetings, which they were not obeying.)

Seems she missed her appointment with her officer this past Tuesday. Seems the officer found out she was not at the sober home.

Seems like she gets a nice chance to be safe, and do some thinking. From what she said, she will be in court Friday or Monday and she’ll find out then what is going to happen to her as far as additional jail time, discharge to a program, whatever.

I’m soooooo grateful.

Edited after subsequent phone call from her probation officer: I received a call and was told that she had been arrested. Further, her officer shared that "the narcotics agents who brought them in said it was very very bad." These were seasoned officers and they told her probation officer that they did not think the two of them had another weekend in them. They were that close to killing themselves with the amounts/kinds of things that were found there at the scene.

This may have saved both their lives. I honestly hope they keep them a good long while so some lessons sink in. I am so grateful to these police officers and probation officers!!


  1. Some people would not see the "good" in the news but I do. Sooner or later she will be ready to work for sobriety and jail often speeds that up a bit. I hope so. I was so comforted when K was in jail, I knew exactly where he was and what he WASN'T doing - overdosing.

    Warm hugs to you.

  2. You probably would have dreamed in your wildest dreams that there is a Santa Claus and you got your presents early this Christmas.

  3. So by you getting out of her way, her path was clear and what was supposed to happen did. Again, I admire you for holding strong to your boundaries so the consequences come much quicker for her. I am so happy she is safe and her boyfriend also...I hate addiction:(

  4. When everybody else gets out of the way, God has a chance to work a miracle. I am so grateful she is safe. I have a number of AA panels scheduled at IRC and Musick in the next few months. Maybe I can get a chance to talk to her.

    Your attitude of gratitude and faith is inspiring. I'm going to keep praying for more miracles! Hugs to you Mama.

  5. My heart will always hurt for the pains of addiction, but once again where there is life there is hope. I am so thankful that she is currently safe and I am hoping for her. I am also thinking of you as you continue to love her without enabling her and pray for you to have some peace. ((HUGS))

  6. I also pray for you to have peace. Thank God He intervened. May she find peace in jail, one of those awesome jailhouse conversions I've heard shared in meetings.

  7. Yes, as enchatedoak says, "I also pray for you to have peace"...prayers for you! Thank you for this post. Amazing the things that We are greatful for! All I can say (for me and my crap), Thank God for the program!

  8. I'm glad that now you can relax and have a holiday that is free of so much angst. Your daughter is alive and will be taken care of. That is a good thing. She has God watching over her.

  9. As I was reading, I was hoping to get to a point where you felt this was a miracle - and you did. I honestly can't think of a better outcome at this moment. This swift response is not going on where I live. You are most fortunate.

  10. My son was surprised when I explained to him one day that parents of addicts generally find peace when their child is arrested and in jail. I said we could "rest" knowing that it was a safe place. His response? Jail isn't safe! (He was horrified that I said that)I told him that was because he does not understand the torment parents go through wondering every night if the phone will ring and it will be the police telling you to come to the morgue to identify the body, or that there has been a horrible car crash or whatever. In jail, we know where they are and that it is likely they will not easily get drugs.

    I am so amazed for your strength and the fact that God worked this miracle for you. Our miracle from God was a car crash, but only he (and a mailbox) were involved and it opened the door to force him to admit to where he was to us; and that led to his current situation which is one of hope.

    Merry Christmas and Thank God.

  11. i am sorry for your hurts..

    i am grateful your daughter is SAFE TODAY. today is all we really can hope for.

    i am praying.

    you are loved
    Brother Frankie
    A Biker for Christ

  12. BTW,

    jail is not safe, your son is correct. it does bring peace to parents tho. That is because there is nothing they can control, or try to control.
    it has been my experience that drugs are easier to get in Jail. less hunting and waiting. Its paying for them that can get you killed, or not paying for them i should say..

    Be Blessed

  13. Ughhhh that was hard even for me to hear. I am so sorry.

  14. Reality check. If you've ever birthed a daughter who who was living close to death by an addiction and all the extraordinary danger that goes with that... if you have a daughter living with violent criminals who swagger around with weapons and lethal doses of drugs in a place with no rules, believe me, jail isn't just a place that parents dream is safer.

  15. I just found your blog. I am adding you to my prayer list. About the best I can do, since I am stumbling through all this. I know you love your daughter, like I love mine. I'll be praying for you.

  16. I am so sorry for the place your daughter has gotten herself into. BUT, I do see the hope there and for that I am grateful. Thank God for people who care and actually do their job. Thank God that they went together and popped both of them at the same time. Thank God she is in jail and off the streets.

    I am praying for all, but especially you, because I know this pain and it hurts like no other.

  17. Jail is MUCH safer than a young woman on the streets scoring drugs, and doing dangerous things to get those drugs. In the 10 years of off again/on again jail time for Andrew, I never once heard of anyone OD'ing in jail, but at least 20 people he knew have OD'd on the street in that time.

    Yes, sweetheart, swift is good. Enjoy your Christmas and your dear husband and other daughter..and those scrumptious cookies!

  18. Wow! I'm so behind in reading blogs. I'm sorry that I've missed all of this. How strange it is that we can feel relief when our child is behind bars, or in rehab. Very sad, indeed. I have a long prayer list, and it sounds like I need to move this situation up. Bless you for what appears such strength in how you write. Never lose hope!
    Wishing you abundant blessings and miracles for you,