Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ten Honest Things about me

Bless you, Chicmama for thinking of me with this award…


I am not exactly sure how I qualified for it, but I appreciate it, and hey, maybe I can get someone to cook my dinner tonight! Queen of All Things has a very nice ring to it!

And thank you,
Tall Kay!

Thank you for thinking of me with this award/challenge! In no particular order, here are my Ten Honest Things about me.

1. When I was about nine or ten, I was cane-pole fishing at my grand daddy’s pond when my dad’s calm voice from somewhere behind me said, “honey, be very still and do not move.” Now normally that phrase was reserved for some sort of awesome wildlife near me that my dad wanted to show me (think Bambi!), or for some sort of impending “danger” like a bee crawling on my shirt. Something in my dad’s tone told me it was the latter, and I dutifully froze….. He went on to say, “there is a snake between your feet, and I’m going to get Ray to bring down the gun and I’ll kill it.” You might think I was scared, but my dad was an awesome shot and I had enough sensible outdoor training in me by that age to know I was fine, as long as I did not do something stupid…. Like run, screaming for the hills! Dad bellowed up in the direction of the farmhouse, “Ray, bring me the rifle NOW…..SNAKE” And my older cousin jumped up from whatever he was doing, and snagged the rifle from its shelf holder, and cheerfully jogged down to the pond, literally loading it as he ran. He slowed at Dad’s hand signal, approached at a snail’s pace, and I heard Dad say softly, “Okay, honey, I’m going to shoot it now.” And he did. Right between my feet, and the snake I had not dared to even bend over and look down at, shot forward into the pond, and floated, dead, in front of me. It was a water moccasin. Dad used my pole to fish it out of the water and we trooped up to show it to my mom and grandparents. Dad lost no time at all using it as an object lesson, reinforcing to my sister and I the need to sometimes do as he said, without questioning, and later we’ll probably find out why!

2. I hate the news. My husband is a news watcher. We’re working on it. Right now, he continues to watch one station, record another, watch it later, and all the while throw unbecoming comments at the TV as if the newscaster, or better yet, the folks in the news story, could hear and take heed of his opinion. And right now, I tend to close my office door and work, or put on my headphones and continue sewing, enjoying my music!

3. I hate politics (a continuation of “I hate the news”). I have come to the conclusion (and I really don’t care if this is a prime example of sticking my head in the sand) that I can only change my own behavior/goals, etc. No matter how upset I get about things “out there in the world”, I am totally used up and depleted each day by simply running my business, taking care of my house, and taking care of my husband/me personally. I have nothing left to try to change the world with. So I focus instead on trying to be the best person I can be, and maybe make a positive difference in the lives around me, in my family and in my work. I have no idea if that makes sense.

4. I love to sew clothing, purses, and especially QUILTS. I joke about cutting up perfectly good fabric, and sewing it back together again. But it isn't really a joke to me. I know that for many people it is an artistic expression of their creativity. For me, it is more basic. I explained it once to a friend like this: I know that I will be gone someday, likely sooner than I'd prefer. I want to leave behind something for those who have meant the most to me. A quilt is, just while sitting over a chair, or hanging on a wall, a thing of beauty that warms a room and the heart of the person it was made for. But take it off the wall, or pick it up from the chair, and it becomes even more. It is utilitarian, yes, in that it provides physical warmth for the body of that person. But it is, at its best, a tangible demonstration of the fact that this person I made it for MATTERED to me. It becomes a hug to wrap them up when my arms are no longer here to do so. Someday when my mind goes, even if my body lingers on, and I can't remember who the president is, or the day of the week, or even your name.... if I have made you a quilt, please wrap yourself in it regularly, and know that you were loved, treasured, and that I made the quilt for you with my whole heart. That I picked fabrics I knew you would like, and I thought of you, as I stitched and pieced and quilted... You matter to me. You are LOVED!

5. I am still pursuing The Dream. Semi-retirement to some acreage in Tennessee or maybe even near my sister in South Carolina. Part time employment only. Chickens, a garden, and a humongous quilting/craft room. And a stellar sound system that will drown out the news my husband will be watching in the den! We were supposed to be headed in the direction of The Dream in June, 2008. The stinky economy has delayed that a bit.
But we will get there!

6. I have a sister I have not seen face-to-face in twenty-some years. We talk almost daily, on the phone, on instant messenger, sometimes with our web cams. She lives on one coast and I live on another. I don’t know how the years got away from us. We share a lot of the same dreams and goals, and the quilting addiction, too! I positively adore her…. I’m so grateful she is in my life. (I’m kinda really fond of her husband and kids too!)

7. I have a hard time taking care of myself in a healthy fashion, with a diet appropriate for my diabetes and weight issues, and exercise, also helpful for lowering my blood sugar. This boils down to nothing except laziness. If I got up earlier every morning and walked for two miles, I would reap huge benefits. I know this. But I don’t act on it.

8. I want a pick up truck. My next car will be my last one, I think, and I want a pick up truck. (We drive cars forever – two we have now have 100,000 and 165,000 miles on them). And I want a cowboy hat to wear when I’m driving it to pick up the chicken feed, down at the feed store…. Yes, I am an odd duck.

9. I’ve worked for myself for the last 30 years. I started off as a babysitter, keeping kids in my home to bring in income and provide my little ones with some playmates. We followed a school-like schedule, and I taught them to read, count, do simple crafts, etc. They’d leave at 5 pm and I did medical transcription at night. Later, my girls went off to school and I was an independent contractor doing transcription for other transcription services for quite a while. I then bought my own dictation system, got some accounts of my own, hired some independent contractors like myself, and became a medical transcription service corporation. I type/hire/proof/assign work, DH does the books/taxes (when he’s not working at his regular part time job). It has worked for me/us. It’s a pain in the derriere. It was great when the kids were young and I could type when I wasn’t being a mom, cook, chauffeur, room mom, chaperone, Brownie mom, team snack mom, VBS helper, etc. But now, I am tired, and voice recognition is killing me. I look forward to the next chapter in my life. With a little luck, I will wind down about the same time that the older doctors who don’t want to learn how to use voice recognition technology wind down! We’ll all totter off to our respective retirements together!

10. I have hot water tonight and I’m grateful. Way to wind up a list, right? The Boyfriend and I were working on the front porch this weekend, while DD2 resurrected an old computer we had replaced so that she can hopefully use it for school next semester.…. At 4PM Saturday I grabbed something from the garage and all was well. At 4:30 PM I went back for something else, and found that the water heater had committed suicide rather spectacularly by exploding all over the garage floor. Swimming was necessary. The Boyfriend and I quickly worked up a second verbal contract and hastily shook on it, and then started mopping up. He would continue the porch work (contract #1), AFTER he installed a water heater the next day (contract #2). He made extra money; we got the job done by a guy we love!! Dishes were done that night by heating water on the stove. Worked like a charm (although my daughter thought I was nuts). But I am looking forward to a nice hot shower tonight. I can’t complain: the water heater lasted 16 years (at one time with five of us here!) and I got the new one at Home Depot with 10% off during a sale, 6 months interest free payment time, and DH found out we qualify for two rebates from gas company and city! Life is good!

Okay… I know I’m supposed to pass these along individually. But I’ve been unavoidably away from my computer this weekend (see swimming in the garage, painting the front porch pillars, etc) and I have not visited all my favorite blogs to see who else might have received which award, so I’m going to take the lazy way out and head for the shower. (My husband would probably appreciate that happening fairly soon – it was a long two days of working on this porch, and I really NEED the shower!)

If you would like to do the “Ten Honest Things about Me” list, please grab the picture of the Honest Scrap Award and make a list!! It’s fun!

I’ll catch up with y'all soon as I can! Wishing us all a peaceful week!


  1. May we see some pictures of your quilts some time?

    My purple bison quilt is one of my most beloved posessions. It was made for me by my mother and grandmother when I was 10. I remember them asking me all sorts of questions, two of them being "what are your favorite colors?" and "what is your favorite animal"... I guess that's how I ended up with a purple bison quilt. :)

  2. I love the list, especially the quilting part. You have inspired me to try and learn a new craft so that I can leave a piece of me also, maybe scaves? I treasure my blankets and quilts left to me by my loved ones so very much. Great!!

  3. Your sis in SC adores you too! Fun reading your list, and being reminded of all the quirks (and good points) that we share! Sure hope your retirement plans work out like we want them to! Love ya!

  4. The snake story is fasinating! I think I would have freaked out! Your passon for quilt making touched my heart. What a wonderful gift to receive something made with so much love. I hope all your dreams come true...and I get a chance to meet you before you move away. :o)

  5. Nice list. I like learning something new about people. I am sure that you are connected in spirit to your sister.

  6. Great answers and well deserved awards.