Thursday, October 8, 2009


I'm going to try to shorten my posts.... I know I have rambled lately... It's like my brain was just overfilled and I had to spill it out somewhere and I probably really wrote too much!

Anyway, I took a few minutes to just savor the quiet this morning.... I am grateful for that quiet, and also grateful that:

- My work seems to be picking up just a little. This means financial relief may be on the way!

- The weather here seems to have passed from Blast Furnace to SoCal Wonderful, and not a moment too soon, in my personal opinion! (I am NOT a fan of heat.)

- My daughter seems to have listened to the boyfriend, and is "sucking it up" (her words) and went to work yesterday.

- I am grateful for my blogging friends and the wisdom dispensed here in this community.

- I am grateful for the opportunity to be supportive to my daughter next week in her job search. A few areas she wishes to apply at are a bit scattered and we will meet for coffee and I'll be her wheels and her cheerleader for that one morning's concentrated job search efforts, and drop her at her current job afterwards.

- I am grateful that the yardwork we are having to be done, has been contracted with someone in recovery. This, to me, is a God Thing! When we first were told that the yard wasn't up to snuff by the homeowners' association (unsightly dead lawn due to large tree whose roots hit clay and came up and killed entire lawn), I was hoping to give the job to one of the boyfriend's sober friends (8 years clean). It's tough in this economy and we've made the choice several times to give home improvement jobs to some of the guys in recovery that we know and are trying to encourage. Unfortunately, the friend's current job wasn't going to be completed in time for us to satisfy the homeowners' association deadline.... This is a huge job involving removal of the big tree and complete resculpturing of the yard, a retaining wall, etc. So we took bids from other contractors. The gentleman we contracted with, has since revealed to me that he is 20 years clean (drugs and alcohol), and his crew is also in recovery. I was stunned when he told me that, and he told me he just felt led to speak to me about it. He now reminds me daily that he is praying for my daughter.

Yay! :)


  1. That's great about the yard contractor. That reminds me that God likes to show off sometimes. I had to smile.

  2. I like your gratitude. You're funny. You already suspect what people are going to write, but writing this stuff is sometimes therapeutic. I used to give people loooong lists about all the issues my daughter was facing. When I was finished and exhausted just thinking about it, people would tell me to take care of myself. And I'd think, take care of me? I was just focusing on her. You think something's wrong with me? Well, once I get my daughter all fixed up, we'll talk about me. In a lot of ways, your daughter has the same issues as everyone in her generation in this economy. The only difference is that she has the courts as her boss, and the courts aren't predictable and may sometimes be mean. Those mean times are wonderful learning experiences. You never know the lessons in life that she may be slowly learning that will be life changing gifts in the end. Let go, Let God is so easy to write and so difficult to do sometimes. I know where you're coming from. Your daughter has one problem that is unique. She is an addict. Alanon is for people who love addicts. I enjoy reading your blog. Be blessed.

  3. Great grads list. Love your humor! Encouraging. Thank you for sharing dear. Blessings.

  4. Its amazing how focusing on the good can help. Its even more amazing how other people can feel that urge to tell us something we need to hear. Same thing happened to me with my auto mechanic. Pretty cool :)

  5. I feel it was all for a reason. Just been catching up on other posts. It's all consuming isn't it. I bet it takes up most of your waking hours. Take care.

  6. I like the idea of a gratitudes post! Excellent reminder of being sure to give as much credence to the positives :-)


  7. A couple of girls from Agape came to the Lynn House meeting tonight. They know DD2 and spoke of how much they LOVED Mama Berry. It's been a week since you posted...You're in my prayers. Love and hugs to you.