Thursday, October 15, 2009

All is well....

Just poking my head up to say that indeed, all is well. Well, maybe not me.... I'm definitely bumbling around with a textbook case of the Cruds (my dad's term for a nasty cold/flu combo).

After four years of fending off every cold germ I met, one got through my fortress of vitamins, herbal supplements and positive thinking ("I don't believe in colds, I don't believe in colds"...) but outside of that, things are calm.

Calm is good.

I'll bullet this, and keep it short, cos I've finished my work and I'm headed back to horizontal to cough for a while rest a bit.

  • DD2 moved out of her sober home last Sunday, and into an apartment with a young lady in program who is four years clean. Seems this young lady just asked her husband to leave after he relapsed for the umpteenth time, and he's out of state somewhere in a rehab, I think, and she could use help with making her rent. DD2 could use cheaper rent. Works for now, they think! Probation is cool with it (probably because it will free up some $$ for DD2 to begin making probation payments!). DD2 loves her new room.

  • She immediately began pounding the pavement in the new area (over an hour by bus from her previous job) and yesterday she called me to tell me she had a great interview for a full time position in a auto body parts supply type store. She wanted it bad. Walkable distance from new apartment. Heavy on web design and computer inventory and stuff she's great at.

  • Today she called to say that the interviewer did NOT call her back as he had promised he would, yesterday afternoon. She and her roommate had decided she would call him and be proactive. If she didn't get it, she was allowed to crawl back in bed and cry for five minutes and then she had to get up and go job hunt some more! However, she got it! She starts this afternoon for a few hours and full time on Monday.

  • I heard that the husband may come back to the apartment at some point after rehab....but I chose not to dwell on the fact that that would put a recently relapsed close friend under the same roof with 9-months-clean DD2. I firmly told the voices of the codependant yahoos in my head that that was none of my business. Period.

  • Besides, the new apartment is right across the street from a great AA/NA meeting spot. (Take that, voices! It's up to her!)

My husband just asked if there was any possibility I was going to cough up a lung.....if I hadn't already. Unbeknownst to him, I'm actually much better today.... But I sound bad enough to get some sympathy.... So I'm going to take it!! Yes dear, I'd love it if you did the dishes and fed the herd (5 dogs)!!

Off to get more tea and relax a bit, hopefully. Stay healthy!


  1. Hope that you will feel better. Glad that your daughter decided to call and that she got the job. Hang in there with the cold. It will get better.

  2. There must be something in the air...I've got the same bug. Sending you get well soon wishes. It all sounds like very good news and heading in the right direction! God is so good!

  3. Such wonderful, hopeful news about DD2's changes in her life. Her Higher Power is looking after her, being gentle with her. All in all good news for feeling so crappy. Hope the tea and rest help restore you.
    Chris Alba

  4. I just love to read about addicts who begin to take ownership of their own lives and parents who let them. You could have been on the phone ten times with your daughter the day she didn't get the call back, you could have cried, worried and given her 8 hours worth of advice. But, she and her roommate made decisions. You could call around town for back up apartments and worry yourself sick about the husband coming back eventually from rehab, dreaming up all the bad things that could possibly happen, but you wrote that you're telling yourself this is none of your business. I love it! Sounds like your family is on the path of recovery.

  5. I just found your blog and it hit me hard. Your daughter is taking responsibility for her life, as hard as it is, and I'm starting to realize that we are still making it too easy for our son. He is not facing consequences. He is clean, 95 days this time, and he is living in a sober living house, but we still provide a car and gas, cell phone, and food and rent. That's everything, isn't it? We've told ourselves that we are willing to support him financially as long as he is actively working his recovery (and he is...thank God), but I get scared that we are not really helping him when I think about him moving towards independence and I realize he is not really doing so. I am looking forward to following your blog. It may help me in my own codpendent recovery. Thank you for being out there.

  6. Well, except for the crud, everything sounds fantastic! Reading about your daughter's journey of recovery is so very uplifting to me and give me hope for my son. I love reading your blog, it always makes me feel just a bit empowered. Mow milk that sympathy for all you can:)

  7. I don't believe in colds. I don't belivie in colds. (Hopefully that will work).

    Sorry you feel so cruddy, but sounds like DD2 is doing well! I am so glad she got the job. Keep taking care of you and enjoy being taken care of.