Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just got this email from DD2 (there is a small computer set up for the girls in the sober home to use for correspondence and applying for jobs on line)....

Hooray!! (she is a bit abbreviated and hasty in her email style, but she was obviously excited and also not feeling well when she wrote it)...

hey, i got a job. i start tomorrow at 9 am for training. my regular
hours will be from 2-7 monday thru friday 8 $ an hour paid every
friday and every two weeks i get commission checks of anywhere from 100-300$ (maybe?) so hopefully things are working out. i think elise is taking me to the ER today because i still don't feel good. its really bad in the morning and it goes away at 10 or 11 all of a sudden until the next morning. it is really weird. so im gonna go make sure its not a cyst or anything. i might change my mind and not go but for now thats the plan. anyways i love you xoxoxo.

I'm hoping that if/when she is in the ER for the suspected bladder infection, she can start the volumes of paperwork that are required to get onto MSI? or some sort of public health benefits program for those with no money, no benefits, etc. We had gone a few weeks ago to the office that "jail" directed us to for that purpose, but at that office, they said she had to go to a hospital in her area (and at that time, she wasn't yet in a sober home) and from that hospital, the process could begin. It's quite a process, but it would just be nice for her to have access to simple antibiotics from time to time, etc.

The dogs are looking at me like I'm nuts because I keep doing a happy dance around my chair. Back to work for me!

Thanks everyone for your prayers and good thoughts! I am so grateful and relieved. We can help with bus passes and fresh veggies and love and encouragement. She can manage the great majority of the rent. This is a huge improvement in her situation and I'm smiling.


  1. Oh Thank Heavens!! Our prayers worked:) YIPPEE!!!!!!

  2. DO changed to DID. Congradulations She DID

  3. Yes, as a friend gently pointed out to me, the sentence about feeling bad in the mornings is disturbing. Walking away from that, right now. I will not dwell on it!


  4. Holding my breath...;).

    She has only been out of jail, what a couple weeks? It would be too early for her to have morning sickness..I'm pretty sure.

  5. Yep...that's what I thought. except, she's always been sort of light, and I had taken out a portion of her email that said she had not had a period in a couple months. My brain sort of leaped, as codependent brains do, to the possibility that she was pregnant going in? she was complaining about a bit of a stomach when she got out. Calls it her buddah belly from eating jail food.

    I'm sure she's just got a bladder infection and the symptoms are worse in the morning after urine is concentrated/gathered all night, and some things like cortisol are at high levels, etc. Yeah. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

  6. I'm glad for her. It sounds really good. Hope that her infection clears up. Do the happy dance and enjoy it.

  7. Thanks, Big Sad, for popping by my blog. It means a lot to me, as a new blogger, to connect with people who want to listen to the thoughts of others. I don't understand the abbreviations, but I guess you're talking about your daughter? Mine went through a terrible trial, and I often despaired in my prayers of pleading to God. His answer seemed to always be WAIT. I wept and tried to help and was often rejected. But my prayers continued to lift her up. And now, three years later, she has a job she loves, a good man, a maturing attitude, and no troubles with substance abuse. She was raised by me in AA, going to meetings from the time she was six. She knows the program through my experience of it. And God has resurrected her. Hallelujah. My lesson from this: pray always, never give up hope, continually trust God with her future. Baby steps... May you and your family be blessed.
    Chris A at enchantedoak.

  8. That is wonderful news! The topic at the meeting tonight was patience. I think so many struggle with this in early sobriety. They lose everything because of drugs and alcohol, and want it all back in 14 days! God has a plan for all of you...

    ps: I'm in need of a dog-sitter. We need to talk.

  9. I agree with enchantedoak. Pray always. Never give up hope. And, I hear that Walmart has the cheapest prescriptions if your daughter needs antibiotics without insurance.

  10. i just joined you with the happy dance!!!

    I am celebrating with ya..

    (addicts do not get regular periods, specially in early recovery.... just from what they have been telling me)