Friday, August 14, 2009

Stress Reduction - My Friday 55

I’m feeling restless; my thoughts are somewhat scattered.

Self talk: “Breathe deeply, move on to something constructive!”

I enter my office with a fresh steaming mug. Bingo! Today’s the day. I will clean this office, top to bottom, before the day is done.

I’ll create order in at least this one part of my life!

I've noticed I tend to attempt to clean something when I get too "thinky" about things. Creating order amongst some of my clutter seems to help me focus on positive progress.

My husband and I are a little alike in that respect. In a former life, as an executive business man type, he would occasionally lose his job. Oddly, this happened because he did his job too well! He was in brand management. He would be hired to handle several product brands, and he would dream up a magical Five Year Plan that would pretty much orchestrate the products' appearance, price, advertising, coupons, TV commercials, special deals to grocery stores, etc.

Once he submitted that Five Year Plan, it seemed to me like he'd become expendible.... I don't know that that was the reason, but he'd find himself unemployed, he'd find a new brand management position, and we'd move again. Like every two years, sometimes.

The day he got fired, he'd always come home and do two things: Tape down the light in the refrigerator so it would not turn on, and clean the garage. I'd come home from whereever, walk in the kitchen to put groceries away or make a snack for the girls after school, and open the fridge and BAM. I knew. It was just our little joke; "Lean times are coming, let's turn out some lights around here!" I always knew where to find him after I found that light taped down. He would be in the garage, cleaning, reorganizing, throwing stuff away, attempting to create order in his world which had just been turned upside down.

He left brand management years ago, and now is a courier driving a delivery truck in what he calls The Land of Lost Packages. He makes a fraction of the paycheck he once had, but for his part time hours, he gets benefits and that is GOLD to me. Our garage isn't getting cleaned out very often these days. I'll take the part time hours and the benefits and living in one place for a long time....

I'm grateful that even with this stinking economy, I've found that light on every time I've opened the fridge. And today, I made my office a place of neatness and order. It won't last, but for right now, I like it!


  1. If you get down again we dragons have a temple that badly needs cleaning and organizing. Just a thought.
    Liked your 55 and the explanation. May your refrigerator light stay on.

    We have posted

  2. When I was well enough to clean I used to try that when a project went badly.

    Now I do a 55
    'Mine is

  3. Awww..strange how we cope. Organizing helps me too. At least some things seem "sane" that way.

    Oh my, I'm looking at the counter. Have a great time with your daughter!

  4. I'm not one to create order...
    I'm more the Chaos type!!
    Either way I loved your 55!!
    Thank you for this fine contribution, and have a GREAT Week-End...G

  5. You and your husband stayed together through very stressful times. That says a lot about both of you. I agree - less money is better than constant upheaval. When you're done cleaning your house, you're welcome in mine.

  6. I clean when I am stressed...I was scrubbing the toilet earlier after my hubby and I got into an argument.

  7. OMG!!!!

    i always thought i was alone on this..

    i re-arrange furniture.. sometimes weekly when im stressed or got stuff going on...

    thanks for sharing

    you are loved
    brother frankie
    a biker for Christ

  8. I get you about trying to get order in my life through cleaning something. For me, I arrange stuff, books, tapes, etc. I like that comment breathe - sometimes I'm not even aware I'm holding my breath. Sarah

  9. Awwww for some reason this post really gave me the warm fuzzies. Sometimes life aint about making MORE consuming MORE. It's about being happy, healthy, stable and well together. Sometimes I need a little reminder. :) Thanks!