Friday, May 29, 2009

Tagged - Six Things....

I was tagged by Mom_and_Dad over at An Addict in Our Son's Bedroom... This was a really fun little exercise!

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy - from Number 6, counting down to my Number 1!!

6. Sitting with my husband on our back porch in the cool, early evening, watching the pleasure he derives as he watches his three Little People (the three small dogs, not to be confused with the two large dogs!) run madly around the back yard, chasing each other, rolling, tumbling, ducking under chairs and around plants, until they finally flop down beside the water bowl to recover. (DH rescues dogs! We have a houseful!)

(my camera just can't catch them when they are running around with that cloth frisbee at warp speed! Click on pic to enlarge.)

5. Contact with those in recovery of any type (this is a simple thing, but not really an Unimportant thing! and it makes me happy).

5a. Checking the blogs of my new blogging friends in various types of recovery. They encourage me every single day! I come away with a new thought, a new perspective, every single time!

5b. Sitting in a F2F meeting where Milton shares. His ESH effects me just like those I mentioned in “5a.”

4. Walking/jogging up at the reservoir a mile from my house. 1.7 miles around, and I try to go around twice. Good for my mood, and great for my health.

3. A success at an attempt at being frugal makes me smile! Trying a new idea, succeeding and thereby saving some $$$, for me is simple, but makes me happy!

Now I’m going to tell you just how odd I am, I guess. One example: I take great pleasure in making my own laundry detergent, glass cleaner, etc. (Just like our grandmothers did!) When DH and I go to Costco or Sams, I always turn the cart down the soap aisle and point out to him that I don’t have to pick up that $17.00 jug of laundry detergent, or that $7.00 refill glass cleaner bottle….because I make my own for pennies. Literally. The reason for my obsession with Frugality?

Frugality is one step on the long road to accomplishing The Dream: a small farm in Tennessee where I am semi-retired, and extremely self sufficient (verging towards off-grid), with chickens for eggs and fun, a lifetime supply of timber for heat, a well, a small farm house with a large sewing studio, a garden, and maybe, just maybe, a few alpacas and goats.

Yep, I’m looney. And yes, this economy has definitely screwed with The Dream, what with my house value cut in half, and my investments (what few I had) plummeting, and of course, the never-ending business challenges. So these days, I’m REALLY glad when I win one (have a frugal idea that works), and can say “Take that, damn economy!” One simple part of trying to reach that dream that I enjoy involves wandering around on and looking for the perfect farmette in eastern Tennessee, in the vicinity of Pigeon Forge. Keeps me focused on trying to reach The Dream.

2. The sounds of my daughters upstairs while they are getting ready to go out, putting on make up, talking, sharing the events of their lives, laughing, and the scents of their perfumes drifting over the railing to me, below. This is music to me!

1. Time in my sewing room, cutting up perfectly good fabric into smaller pieces, and then sewing it back together again…. And subsequently creating something beautiful and useful!

I made this quilt for my husband for Christmas last year. Click to enlarge - it looks way better close up! He likes sunflowers, and we always try to grow some, with varying success each year. It is king sized and has since been completed with a narrow binding around the edge.

I think I'm supposed to tag some more folks, but not sure who else has been tagged by the others that Mom'nDad tagged, so will just say, hey, if you've not been tagged on this one, why not DO IT! We'd all learn some interesting things about each other!

Wishing everyone a peaceful, restful weekend!


Friday, May 22, 2009

My First Friday Flash 55

Goodbyes are spoken in a flurry of kisses blown through glass. She falls in line. I watch until she is out of sight.

My feet carry my heavy heart to the elevator. All are quiet, riding down to the lobby. Someone whispers, “This is hard.” We nod in unison.

This week’s jail visit is over.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm still here...

Sticking my head up to say all is status quo here....

DD2 is doing her time. I visit every Friday morning. She's going to hopefully start a 60 day drug treatment program in jail very soon... the completion of that program will give her assistance in sober home placement and bus passes, etc. This is a good thing!

DD1 is looking for a job (laid off 9 weeks ago) and contemplating going back to school for paralegal and teaching certificates, which would be more useful than her degree in history.

DH is still very detached from situation with DD2. He will not visit, and will not write. He never answers the phone, but if I pass it to him at my daughter's request, he usually states something about "she needs to get it, this time" and that's it.... though he usually will tell her he loves her before passing the phone back to me. He gave me three whole dollars to put on her books last week. Sigh. He is still working part time and seems secure, though FedEx has begun laying off people for the first time in its 35+ year history. Crossing my fingers on that one, because he works for our medical benefits, mostly. Medical benefits are Gold, in my opinion!

My business has continued to shrivel, and I've now lost at least 50% of my orthopedic account (biggest account) to that pesky "dragon" (voice recognition transcription).

On the bright side, I'm sending out a brochure this week to all the surgicenters and ortho group practices in our vicinity. Maybe we will pick up something new! If not, I may have to lay off a few of my independent contractors and take their work for myself. That is hard for me to do.

I've spent a lot of time in my garden for the last four weeks. The survivalist in me is hoping it was time well spent and that the anticipated vegetables will make a difference for our food bills this summer! I have squash blossoms this morning! YAY!

Meetings continue... I'm learning a lot, but still trying to determine how "program" and "taking care of a mentally ill person" co-exist. Won't get into that now, but maybe in another post.

I've spent a lot of time perking up my patio by painting tables and chairs (which will give us a cooler spot to be in the hot summer evenings, as it is shaded by house), and also completed a project in my sewing room. I now have pegboards to hold my "stuff".... And I've completely reorganized, and in the process uncovered a lot of UFO's (unfinished objects!). I have plenty to work on, without spending any money at all! This is good for me..... my most peaceful times are in that room, or having a quick cool drink on the patio with my family.

I check in with the other bloggers I have met daily.... I just haven't posted much lately because I've been sort of taking some time for me. I needed to just bury myself in things other than trips to the sober home, etc.

On the dark side, I've had some bouts with depression lately... but I'll write more about that another time. It comes, it will GO!

Another positive - DD2's boyfriend has nearly finished his 90 days in residential treatment and is doing very well. He was here for dinner for my DH's birthday last weekend, and we talked seriously with him and though he loves my daughter very much, I told him he needs to really take care of himself..... and not let her drag him down. That sounds awful, coming from a mother, but he understood exactly what I meant. I invited him to go to a meeting at Milton's place (DD2's beloved rehab counselor that I made the quilt for) and we have a date to check out a Friday night meeting in a couple weeks when he's out of the treatment center. I'm hoping he will meet some of the neat guys there and make a new network of friends in recovery. Side benefit to me is that I always hear something at Milton's meetings that I can apply in my own life. Boyfriend is getting a place of his own and he has a good job.... things are looking up for him and he is encouraged.

I will write more later... As I said, I'm just taking some time for me right now, and also trying to drum up some business for my company (darn economy!), and spending some time on some projects.... :)