Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rockin' and Rollin'

See that blue square with the second blue square inside it, and a red one inside that?? At 4:56 pm we had a 3.8. At 8:27 pm we had a 4.0.... followed within moments by a 3.0....

That was "fun"..... But it lasted just a bit too long to suit me....

And at 9:04 pm we had a 2.5.

I like the downward trend! Smaller is good, at least on the Richter scale! (the epicenters were 2 miles from me.)

It's been a restful week. I'm gearing up for a visit with DD2 at the jail tomorrow morning, and looking forward to some renovation on my patio this weekend. I have a picnic table to sand, prime, paint, and also rig to take an umbrella.... that will require some hammering and drilling and sawing.... I happen to love playing with power tools. Home Depot is almost as much fun for me as a quilt store. I know, I'm weird.

I'm going to savor the cooler weather (102 degrees two days in a row earlier this week did not exactly make for even tempers around my place). I'm going to enjoy the outside work and enjoy creating a more comfortable place to hang out in the evenings with my family. The patio is on the shaded side of the house in the evening, and I think we'll be out there a lot this summer. AC is not going to be an affordable option.

The economy keeps sucker-punching my business (I lost a significant portion of a client's account today - several of the doctors in that particular group practice are successfully using the Dragon voice recognition program and will no longer need my transcription service - but I will simply be grateful for all the older docs who don't want to learn the new technology and keep giving them stellar service, so they don't even think about changing! :)

I'm going to take my "grateful for a earthquake-ready house" self to bed and get rested up for a good weekend! :)


  1. Earthquakes are scary. This is an earthquake zone also, but I've never felt one.

    Hope that you have a great weekend.

  2. I wish the weather in Washington would get warmer already! I want to plant my garden, but I don't trust our weather since we had fricken snow LAST april - yes... I am serious.

    I have heard about that voice recognition software - so many offices are going all digital these days. I can see the older docs POV though - what happens if the systems ever crash?!

  3. The lady that did the transcription for the 8 doc practice I work for decided to retire after they went EMR. They were her biggest clients. She was older, but still not really ready to quit just yet. The times have changed for sure.