Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Thank you, CW2sMom! I appreciate you sharing this award with me... I do have hope. I will always have hope. As long as she's breathing, there IS hope.

Interesting, that the picture above mentions "looking through a broken window."

I watched through the big broken living room window late last year, as the police 5150'd her and took her in. Again. She had walked right through it, loaded out of her mind and desperate for something she couldn't really even articulate. I thought she wanted drugs; she screamed she wanted to be clean and be with her family. At that point, I had hope that she'd at least be safe and alive at the psych hospital.... That didn't last long because she knew how to manipulate the system and get out. But still...

Fast forward a few months, and I still have hope. She's been in jail, gotten sober, gotten out, and stayed sober. 90+ days, 35 out here in the real world.

She's decided that she will probably just sign on her case Thursday and do whatever portion of the six months sentence they want her to do. I was hopeful she would not go to prison. Today she told me she's been told it will be regular jail time. Odd, that I find that so much better.... but y'all probably understand!

I have hope that she will continue to grow and learn, and utilize the program, and that maybe this time it will stick she will stick!

She's done it before. She can do it again. I have hope!



  1. I feeling your hope all the way over here where I am;) It's warm and loving and everlasting.

  2. I read someplace that the more treatment and clean time an addict receives, the more likely they will succeed the next time. I remember telling C this and how this news seemed to encourage him. I think I'll remind him.

    Here's to hope.