Monday, April 13, 2009

Going on moderated status...

My friend died Saturday morning, around 4:30 AM. This week will be packed, fitting in my work, my best friend's work while she plans funeral/grieves, the funeral, etc. He went easily, for which I am so very grateful!

Court for DD2 and the funeral are both on Thursday.

I'll be at the funeral.

Well, Thanks to Micky (whom I suspect is a.k.a. Mykel, dAve, JesusForgives, AA:SatanicCult, HeIsRisen, etc)
I will be keeping this on moderated status for the forseeable future.

I am not even going to dignify the comments (which I have deleted from April 7) with a serious response. Other than to say that THAT sort of drivel is ....

nah, never mind!


  1. Oh I am sorry about your friend and the situation! May he rest in peace! I had to do moderation as well because of that person who makes his rounds to any blog that mentions recovery. Hang in there! Blessings, Lisa

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. At least it wasn't such a prolonged illness. Maybe some comfort there.

    We've all been Mickeyed many times. And comment moderation shuts him down.

  3. Yeah, we AA, AlAnon, & NA people keep the satanic one's keyboard smokin'. LOL!

    Meant to comment last time..that DA thing..that crap happens all the time in court. Canceled, rescheduled, convened, yadda, yadda. I quit going to court a long time ago--what a total waste of a vacation day.

  4. I'm really sorry. both for your loss and the fact that you got trolled. (but the trolling is a minor inconvenience).

  5. I'm sorry for your loss - and that you maybe don't get much of a break to grieve. Don't forget to take care of you.

  6. I am sorry for your loss. As life marches on we doo too.

  7. So sorry to read about the loss of your friend.

    And yes. Things do move at a snail's pace in court. I recall several times when my son would fly up from rehab to sit in court and have it rescheduled. Waste of time and money.

    Hang in there.

  8. stopped by to tell you thanks for commenting on my post, and you are so very welcome. I am so sorry for your loss, life is so very precious and short.
    Wow you get that creep too! He tried to leave his latest comment under the name steveroni!! I just delete, delete, delete. Life is too short to waste on that chaos. Take care of you.

  9. I have been in and out all week...sorry I didn't post sooner. I am sorry about your friend, but I am so happy to hear that his passing was a peaceful one.

    Take good care of you. ((HUG))