Friday, March 6, 2009

She's out

I picked her (DD2) up at 2:30AM. Thought my ribs might crack from the hug I got! :)

My living room looks like a cyclone hit. She's very manic, going through clothing, packing, calling friends in program, and eating the pancakes-from-scratch her older sister (DD1) just made her.

She went online and discovered that yesterday, shortly after she went against the advice of the judge, DA and public defender and pled not guilty, the case which could get her three years was possibly "moved up, became active", whatever. She went a little crazy with that realization but has calmed down now. I guess it goes to trial the 17th of this month...

Her logic was that it is easier to fight and win from outside, dressed in business clothes, tattoos covered, employed, in program, etc. That she stands a better chance of coming out okay. That if she was shackled, in the jumpsuit, tattoos everywhere, disheveled, unemployed, etc, that it would not be as easy to win.

I told her that I believed in her and I trusted her to do what she needed to do. And that I'd keep praying.

She found three needles this morning while going through her stuff. That was a bit rocky too. She gave them to me along with some empty bags, and told me she thought she found them all. It's garbage day - they'll be gone soon to the dump.

She's going to court this morning, because that is what the judge asked her to do (from a different case). She found one indication online that appearing before this judge this day may not be necessary, but she wants to do it and show him she is serious. Following that, she is going to probation (not without significant fear that they may cuff her at that time and take her in again, on this now active case). She feels her bail is active/in effect, but who knows.

DD1 is taking her to court to see that judge and she will let him know she was a day late getting released and is actively trying to get into residential treatment, as she had discussed with him a few weeks ago. She will make calls to the residential treatment center and she will have the phone interview.... then she will call daily, hoping to get in.

DD1 will take her to probation after court. If she gets past that without getting taken in, DD1 will bring her home. I'll have my work caught up, and my people assigned their work for the day, and I'll take over. We'll hit Mental Health, get her script/meds, make future follow up appointments, proceed to Milton (rehab counselor) for a hug, visit Rick (a lymphoma patient who is a dear friend of hers with many years clean) for a hug, and then take her and her clothing down to some friends in program who are taking her in for the weekend. She seems perfectly content in the knowledge that she can't stay here.

She will do meetings, make inquiries into sober homes in that area, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Hopefully she will locate a place to stay while she waits for the residential treatment facility to allocate her a bed. Job hunting begins in earnest on Monday. I'll head home after dropping her at K's house, and take a long nap.

She has a plan; she appears to have willingness. I'm praying that what is best for her, comes to pass. After recuperating from sleep deprivation, I plan to take care of me this weekend. I have a small get-together planned with quilting friends Sunday late morning.... I have a garden to continue planting. I have some work to do for the business. I have a husband and DD1 to hug and encourage through this fairly emotional time.

Right now, I smell her shampoo as I type. (The shower is right next to my home office and the scent goes out the shower window and right into my office window.... I love that!) I soaked up the sound of DD1 and DD2 laughing, talking and clanking dishes in the kitchen as they made/ate their pancake breakfast to celebrate her getting "out". I often, over the past few years, have pointed out that sound to my DH whenever she was home, and told him "remember that.... it's music we may not always be able to hear."

She sounds happy, relatively focused, and for right now, I'll take it. Saturday, she will take a 60 day chip.

Cautiously optimistic.... I will never give up hope.

P.S. for Sydney_Savage: My business is a medical transcription service. I have 8 phone lines coming into a dictation system in my office, creating voice files that are loaded to an FTP site. My independent contractors (7 ladies who also work from home, in TX, NC, CA and PA) can download the dictation voice files assigned to them, transcribe the dictation, and then it is encrypted (HIPAA complient) and emailed to me. I proof and return it to the clients. I've been at it for 30+ years, incorporated for about 16. I hope the medical transcription industry lasts long enough for me to wind down and retire.... Voice recognition software and out-sourcing to India are cutting into my business, but right now, we're a small company that wishes to stay small and provide excellent service to our doctors. All I ever wanted with this business was to be home with my girls, and provide a way for more women like myself to do the same. It's been a good job for me, though at times some aspects of it drive me batty. That's probably true with any job!

Gratitudes: hugs from DD1, happy assistance from DD2, a sense of renewed hope for DD1 (possibly unrealistic, but I'm going with it!), several hours of laughter with DD1 and DD2 today, the prospect of time gardening and quilting this weekend.


  1. Hope, encouragement, family, and real pancakes are what it is all about.

  2. It all sounds good. I sense peace and acceptance in you. And that's great. Have a good time on this day.

  3. "I will never give up hope." I think that is the mother's way. :o)

    Your dd 1 sounds to be very gracious and kind hearted. I love when my girls laugh together too. That has to be one of my most simple joys.

    I love that dd2 has connections with those who are established in their own recovery. Good for her! I hope she makes it....I will be praying that she does. I am adding your family to my God box.

  4. It sounds like all is heading in the right direction. hang on to hope!

  5. This is great to read!


  6. That's a really cool business. I've always dreamed of working from home. I work for finance in contract processing, so I need to be at the office for filing purposes, but other than that I do have the freedom to stay home once a week or so. It would just be really nice to find someting where I could do it exclusively.