Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh for Pete's sake...

She didn't get out. I finally keeled over and tried to sleep around 2 AM, only to have our littlest puppy get sick....repeatedly and violently......

I finally took her to the vet this morning at the crack of dawn... and now we're both going to sleep! Hopefully the anti-emetic will give her some relief and she can get some rest. If not, we go back for expensive tests. Sigh.

I guess when DD2 got downstairs to be released from the jail, they must have had a warrant on the grand theft case waiting. Can't imagine why she would still be in jail otherwise. The jail website shows she will be in court again tomorrow. Maybe I'll hear from her later today when she gets time in the day room.

Right now I'm going to remind myself it's her problem to solve, and I'm going to get some rest so I can run my business the rest of this day. Seven ladies plus myself depend on me running it well.

I'm off to recharge myself a bit.... Wishing us all a day with some peace and quiet calm!


  1. I hope that you get some rest and can recoup and recharge. If I let go, I feel much better.

  2. What did parents do before the website?? I think I used to sit and wait for him to come to the door. If he wasn't there in 24 hours, I assumed he was still in jail.
    What God awful days.

  3. When you talk about your business it makes me very curious what it is that you do! Sounds demanding yet satisfying for you.

  4. I know what you mean!! I have a new business (fortunately no employees), three small dependent children, one large dependant husband, one HUGE stupider than dirt dog, and two new puppies, and a pregnant cat, oh, and forgot the chihuahua.

    If I get spread any thinner you will be able to see daylight through me.

    Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself!! (after all, no one else will do it.)