Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's tonight.....

It will be tonight (Wednesday night). Or shall I say, technically Thursday morning early.... Not Saturday night. She's getting out tonight.

They will take her downstairs right after midnight to go through the process of getting her own clothing, and getting release paperwork completed.

She called at a little after 9 pm. She said they approached the subject of her third case in court today, sort of as an afterthought after the judge applied credited time and told her she was getting out tonight. Her first two cases were possession cases. The other case,

which I have never understood,

which is being called grand theft,

which resulted in our house getting searched at 4 AM right before Christmas....

that case was mentioned and they offered her three years in return for a guilty plea, I think. The jail phones are horrid and she was unable to explain it to me, partly because all my brain heard was three years. So I guess she'll explain it after I pick her up, probably around 2 AM after all her paperwork is completed and she can get outside to the payphone.

Good times: picking up a kid from jail in the heart of gang territory at 2 AM.

The codefendant in that possible grand theft case was offered something strange, like "plead guilty and all we will do is let you go in exchange for search and seizure rights at your house." Color me confused.

I have the fear that in all likelihood she/they were trying to get into some cars to steal stuff at 1 AM. I have no doubt that she could have been doing that. Addicts steal. She stole from me. So she certainly could have stolen from others. The police say they found prints on several cars. But so far the police have not disclosed whether they ever found anything else in the way of evidence. Like stolen stuff tossed in bushes, etc. They certainly didn't find anything in our house that night, by the admission of the police who searched our house. She had not lived there or visited in several weeks and all her stuff was put away in boxes. They found nothing during their search.

Do they have to divulge to the lawyers what they have in the way of evidence? Her public defender had no information about what they have.

I don't watch enough TV to know how this stuff goes. And I certainly can't believe or put any credit in what she says. So, maybe I will never know.

Actually, when I think about it, I've learned more in the last eight years about subjects I never wanted to know anything about, than I would ever have believed possible.

Oh well. It's her problem(s). Her consequences of her poor decision-making. She says she wants to still come home, pack, find a temporary sober home and work on staying clean and get into the residential treatment program at the original sober home, just as she had planned. I hope she's able to do that.

Three years. Would all the bad checks and unpaid bills accumulate interest, due to her being away and unable to pay, and result in even more charges and proscecution? Just thinking out loud...

Stepping back and taking a deep breath and going back to cleaning out my office. I have noticed that when I'm feeling chaotic, overwhelmed, and fearful.... I clean a lot! Guess I'm trying to create order somewhere in my corner of the world!

Might be time for more coffee, too!


  1. So sorry, we to have learned that even they cannot tell the truth about judicial stuff.

    I can't imagine having my house searched by the police. What a shock. Hang in there. Find a place you can go for sanity in your own self. You clean, I work in my woodshop. Spend time there.

    I don't have the answers for your legal questions. We do not provide a lawyer for our son, he gets court appointed attorney's. We too have a box of mail for him. Collection notices, restitution claims, fine notices anything you can think of, I would guess totaling up just the hospital bills it is over $80,000. I figure as long as he is using, what the hell. If he ever cleans up and gets a job he can see a lawyer and talk about bankruptcy.

    I hope you can feel that we are thinking of you.

  2. I clean SO much when I am feeling anxious too. It must be my wanting order in chaos...

  3. sheesh. i clean too LOL.

    good thing they did NOT find anything in YOUR house, or YOU could have been charged. How's THAT for an effing wake up call?

    How about this? If you are letting your child live in your home, and they are using, and you have younger children there YOU can be charged for allowing the addict's drugs in YOUR house.

    Or even worse, if the addict is dealing, even if you don't know it, and lives at your house, and they bust him/her at your house, they can (and will) CONFISCATE your home as a 'drug home' and then sell it at a sheriff's sale.

    THose are just a few of the things I found out that I NEVER wanted to know.

    ANYONE who lets a using junkie or a junkie who MIGHT use live in their home is taking a big risk.

    There are volumes that my daughter's idiotic choices have led me to have to know.

    God I hate that.

  4. Hey, Guys - come clean my house - LOL

    Truly amazed by the way you express what you are going through... yes, all of the things we never wanted to know, we are learning - all of what we have taught them? Hopefully there is a backlog they will get back to one day...