Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's funny, in a dark humored sort of way...

I hesitated to post this, but it really is kind of funny. Living in "the O.C.", I'm kind of used to this stuff, but still.

(and there really is a dark humor to all this stuff surfaces in the Al-anon meetings and NA meetings. We laugh at something, and then we laugh again, at the fact that we were laughing ..... cos "normies", as they call non-addicts in NA, might have been too horrified to see the humor...)

She is in court again today on the small case. It is going to trial. They are picking the jury. The public defender says "they" have nothing, no evidence, no nothing. The DA supposedly griped out loud that the case was weak? I'm not sure what's going on, but have been trying to just do my work, run my business and stay focused. I'm hoping it all just sort of goes away and she can start the job she has landed, next Monday, right on schedule. She is sober and per the house manager, doing everything she is supposed to do.

She called me at lunch time to report with absolute glee.....

"Mom, guess who might be on my jury???????"


mind you, I'm really not sports minded, but even I recognized the next name she said....

(And I'm going to spell it wrong on purpose so that no one finds this blog by doing a search on his real name.....)


And I thought she was exaggerating, or even hallucinating, until I saw this online when I went to return a batch of work to one of my client's offices by email.

The next brilliant thing that came out of her mouth?

"Mom, its okay if HE sends me away for 120 days!"

"Mom? just kidding, Mom......Mom??? "

Sigh.... It's okay, say kid is... is.... I'm not sure there are words for it. Easily impressed? Gullible? Immature? Clueless? Whatever....I love her! Besides she's sober today....I'll take it!

(apparently, at the time (lunch break) that she called there were three seats left to fill on her jury and he (and his bodyguard) were "close", but somehow, I don't think he will have to do it - the news report said there was a big game tomorrow..... I am the least sports-oriented person I know, but somehow it seems like he would not have to do it.... but what do I know....)

Back to work for me....

Update: A friend just called and said they released the Big Star..... good.... I think his team is probably relieved!

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