Friday, March 20, 2009

An incredibly accurate (for me) comment

A quote from a comment made by someone on an Al-Anon forum I read...

I know I am emotionally involved in what happens to my loved ones, but I don't know if I am aware of how involved I am.

I believe when I try to "protect" them- I am actually more interested in protecting myself from my own emotional involvement in their decisions. It will hurt ME- possibly very much- if they choose "wrong".

I want to jump in to stop things from happening TO THEM, but most of the time I think I really do it to stop what will happen TO ME because I am afraid that it will hurt too much to watch them go through what they have to go through... I realize how afraid I am of how I will feel if something happens to them.

That one hits close to home!


  1. It does for me too. I've always cared more about what happens to those I love rather than caring about myself. Now I'm working to have more balance in my life.

  2. I get it too.
    Powerlessness is much easier said than done.

  3. Oh yeah.... I relate to that very strongly. A lot of fear there.

  4. Wow that really hits home here too. Great post!!

  5. Just stopping by and I see you haven't been here for awhile! Hope you are alright! Lisa