Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cooling her heels until February 2, at least.

She's still in jail.... In solitary, mind you, and will be whenever she goes in.... Because she got into a "fight"....





Wait for it.




A deputy.

Leave it to my kid! Anyway, apparently when she was brought in from her probation visit this last time, they had her come in through intake, and had her up against a wall for a search. A deputy reached around from behind and ripped her glasses off her face and she reacted instinctively (while loaded on God knows what drug) and kicked back at the officer..... About four of them jumped on her and she could have been nailed with charges for "assaulting a peace officer" but she went before the watch commander to refute it. He and she watched the video with the officer in question, about ten times, and he agreed with my daughter that it was an instinctive reaction she had to an attack from behind... And he said he would not add charges. He commented to her "you're a bit high strung, aren't you?!" She was like...."duh."

She has a request in to see Psych for medication. Now, THAT'S a first. Not sure if she is asking because of the positive effect that could have on future judgements or if she is finally willing to take medication for the bipolar disorder.

He yellow-banded her - which means she gets to be in solitary or in a double cell, but is not allowed in general population (30 girl tanks), so she's getting nice quiet time and she's actually glad it happened! Says she's not getting any new bad ideas, or new bad friends. I guess that's one way to look at it.

She was returned to jail to wait for the third set of charges February 2 or Feb 4th. Not sure which. So that's fine.... She's still trying to get into the Villa, a residential treatment facility. I faxed them her tax return yesterday - they possibly can ding her disability benefits from her last employer for treatment costs - not sure what's up with that, but if it gets her 90 days of treatment at an all-girl facility - let's try it.

The district attorney said he would not fight them on the Villa - he wants 90 days for the most recent violation of probation, but will take 90 days in a program that may help her get some clean time....

We'll see. I'm taking a deep breath and letting go. Will visit Saturday and try to be encouraging. The rest of the time, I'm digging into my Melody Beattie books and chanting my new mantra: "detach, detach, detach."

I will get better at this. I will get better, period.

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  1. Either way, it's straight time like you said. Being away from the others, she won't likely be able to get drugs. I like that last line!